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KDE Plasma 5.27 Bringing Subtle Outline on Windows

A new feature arriving on the KDE Plasma desktop that enables a subtle outline in Breeze theme window borders for better usability and design.

A recent merge request for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.27 release (for 2023) shows how a nice, subtle window border can make a difference in the overall desktop look.

Today, the drop-shadow distinguishes two overlapped windows in the default Plasma Breeze theme. That’s the only thing that differentiates the edges of two application windows.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find out the edges when you want to drag the window or do something else, especially in the dark Breeze theme.

In the light theme, it’s not that difficult, though.

To make it look more professional, the new border gives a pleasant look to the default Breeze theme.

KDE Plasma new outline comparison
KDE Plasma new outline comparison

The colour of the new window outline is adaptive and not a fixed colour. It adapts based on the wallpaper and the theme’s default colour. But there is a catch, though. There won’t be any settings for this to disable. Because making a switch for this would be irrelevant since it’s very subtle and should work with all types of KDE customization.

KDE Plasma - new outline in windows -2
KDE Plasma – new outline in windows -2

KDE Plasma 5.27 is currently under development and will be an LTS release. Also, it will be the final release of the Plasma 5 series. It’s currently scheduled for Feb 2023.

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