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fish 3.7.0 Shell Released with a Spectrum of Enhancements

A new release of Fish Shell (friendly interactive shell) 3.7.0 is here with a handful of updates.

The team behind the fish shell has unveiled the latest iteration – fish 3.7.0. Packed with many improvements and fixes. This release comes after one year since 3.6.0 with a bunch of updates. However, there were a few minor point releases in between.

Let’s take a look at the new features.

Fish Shell 3.7.0: What’s New

Key updates

The history pager, a crucial feature for navigating through command histories, has received substantial enhancements. Now, users can perform subsequence matches, enabling them to effortlessly locate specific commands.

Opening the history pager is now more intuitive, as it automatically populates the search field when users are already engaged in a search. Closing the history pager with Enter proves more convenient, as does copying the search text to the command line for immediate editing if no match is found.

Under the hood, performance improvements have been introduced for command completions and globbing, which is particularly beneficial on slower filesystems like NFS.

Additionally, fish now can wait for a specified time for a multi-key sequence to complete, offering users greater flexibility in customizing their workflows.

Fish shell 3.7
Fish shell 3.7

Interactive Enhancements and scripting

Scripting in fish 3.7.0 sees various improvements, including the prevention of crashes when running ‘exit’ with a negative number and more informative error messages for errors occurring in command substitutions. The ‘exec’ command now applies variable overrides, ensuring a more seamless execution of commands.

Vi mode fans will be pleased with several updates, such as improved cursor shaping in iTerm2 and a more refined history search experience. The completion pager no longer skips entries, and command completion has been fine-tuned to avoid awkward error messages.

A new bind function, ‘history-pager-delete’, simplifies history management by allowing users to delete the currently selected history pager item with a quick keystroke.

Autocomplete in Fish Shell 3.7.0
Autocomplete in Fish Shell 3.7.0

Prompts and Completions

Prompts in Fish 3.7.0 have undergone a facelift, with the default theme now tracking the terminal’s palette for a more harmonious visual experience. Completions for various commands, including zfs and git, have been refined, eliminating errors and adding support for new features.

The release also includes improvements to the manual page completion generator, enhancing the overall completeness and accuracy of manual page suggestions.

Closing notes

Overall, this is not only a bug fix update, but also brings a more efficient and enjoyable command line experience for heavy shell users. Thanks to the team for continuous and thoughtful enhancements.

To experience the latest and greatest, head to the official Fish Shell website to grab your copy of Fish 3.7.0.

Via release notes

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