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Firefox 99 Brings New ReaderMode Feature and Security Fixes

Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 99 across all stable channels, and soon, it will be available for all the official Linux distribution repo.

Firefox 99 Running in Fedora
Firefox 99 Running in Fedora

Firefox 99

World’s popular non-Chromium based web browser Firefox brings its version 99 with a couple of new features, security patches and other developer improvements. Among the new features is a new keyboard shortcut that gives you an option to toggle narration in the reader mode and non-diacritics search in its built-in PDF viewer.

You can easily search with or with diacritics in the PDF viewer, making your life easy. Moreover, if you are using Firefox in Linux, the processes exposed to the web content are no longer access to the X11 display server. It makes it more secure. People from Germany and France can use credit card autofill from Firefox 99 onwards.

In addition to that, this release beings around 11 security (CVE) fixes, including 3 HIGH category issues related to WebAuthN, NSSToken objects and translate document functionality.

Other than that, Enterprises users of Firefox get two fixes related to extensions, and they are patched to the ESR version of Firefox as well. Because of the stability, most enterprise deployments are ESR versions of Firefox.

Finally the developers gets bug fixes and two new properties/methods – navigator.pdfViewerEnabled and RTCPeerConnection.setConfiguration().

Overall a quick and sleek update from the Firefox team. As I mentioned earlier, you should get Firefox 99 soon in your operating system’s official deployment channel.

If you want, you can download it right now using the link down below. Remember, this is a zip file. You need to extract and run the firefox executable inside the folder.

Download Firefox

The changelog of this release is available at the official announcement.

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