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Firefox 119 Introduces Better Tab Management, Improved PDF Editor

Firefox 119 is here, and it brings some game-changing updates that will enhance your web browsing experience on the Linux platform. So, let’s dive right into what’s new in this release.

Firefox 119
Firefox 119

What’s new in Firefox 119

Firefox View: A Better Way to Manage Tabs

One of the standout features of Firefox 119 is the gradual introduction of Firefox View. This feature is a game-changer when it comes to managing your tabs. Now, you can conveniently access and organize all your open tabs, whether they’re from the current window or synced from other devices. With the ability to sort your browsing history by date or site, you’ll find it easier than ever to locate your previously visited pages. Additionally, the recently closed tabs are neatly listed for quick access.

To access Firefox View, simply click on the file folder icon at the top left of your tab strip. It’s that easy! This is a feature that many of us have been waiting for, making tab management a breeze.

Firefox View
Firefox View (Image credit: Mozilla team)

PDF Editing Gets an Upgrade

Firefox 119 also brings an improved PDF editor. Now, you can add images and alt text to your PDF documents, in addition to text and drawings. This enhancement is a boon for those who frequently work with PDF files, as it offers more versatility in your document editing.

PDF Editing feature in Firefox 119
PDF Editing feature in Firefox 119

Improved Data Migration from Chrome

If you’re migrating from Chrome to Firefox, you’ll be pleased to know that Firefox now offers the ability to import some of your extensions, which we reported a few weeks back. This makes the transition smoother and more convenient. It’s all about simplifying your experience and ensuring that you can seamlessly use your favourite extensions.

Enhanced Privacy and Security Features

Firefox is doubling down on privacy and security with this release. Total Cookie Protection now supports the partitioning of Blob URLs, which helps mitigate potential tracking attempts by third-party agents. In Enhanced Tracking Protection strict mode, fonts visible to websites are now restricted to system fonts and language pack fonts, preventing font fingerprinting.

The update also includes improvements to the Storage Access API web standard, enhancing security while minimizing disruptions to websites. This aligns with Firefox’s commitment to phasing out third-party cookies.

More Privacy with Encrypted Client Hello (ECH)

For those who prioritize privacy, Firefox has introduced Encrypted Client Hello (ECH). This feature enhances the encryption used in TLS connections, covering more of the handshake and safeguarding sensitive fields. It’s a significant step toward a more private browsing experience.

Other Notable Updates

Media sniffing will no longer be applied to files served as “application/octet-stream,” allowing for hassle-free downloads instead of automatic playback. On Windows, the mouse pointer will now disappear while typing if the relevant Windows mouse properties system setting is enabled. And, for our Santali-speaking users, Firefox is now available in the Santali (sat) language.

How to Get Firefox 119

To experience all these fantastic new features firsthand, you can head over to the official Mozilla website for a fresh installation or use the below link to download the pre-compiled binaries. Alternatively, you can update your existing Firefox browser through your package manager on Linux. This update will arrive within a few days from now in leading Linux distribution’s repositories.

Via release notes.

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