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Firefox 118 Released with Automatic Translation

Mozilla has just rolled out Firefox 118, and it’s packed with exciting new features and improvements that will elevate your browsing experience. Let’s find out what’s new.

Firefox 118
Firefox 118

Firefox 118: New Features

Localized Web Content Translation

One of the most significant additions to Firefox 118 is the automated translation of web content. Unlike cloud-based alternatives, Firefox conducts translations locally on your machine, ensuring that the text being translated never leaves your device. This is a game-changer for those who value privacy and security while exploring the web.

This feature was initially planned for Firefox 117 but dropped before release for some reasons. And now it is officially available after many months of testing.

So, when you visit any web page which is different from your system language, you should see a translation popup from the address bar.

Automatic translation in Firefox 118
Automatic translation in Firefox 118

Printing and Sharing on Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android users will be delighted to discover the ability to print page content directly from the browser or share it with ease. This feature simplifies tasks and enhances productivity, making it a welcome addition for on-the-go users.

Enhanced Anonymity with Fingerprint Protection

For the privacy-conscious, Firefox now employs the FDLIBM math library for Web Audio on all systems. This upgrade helps bolster anonymity, making it harder for websites to track you based on your unique browser fingerprint.

Restricting Font Visibility for Privacy

Firefox is taking font fingerprinting in Private Browsing windows seriously. In Firefox 118, the visibility of fonts to websites has been restricted to system fonts and language pack fonts. This change ensures your browsing habits remain private and secure.

Streamlined Site Data Management on Android

On Firefox for Android, managing site data has become more convenient. The option to clear site data has been moved from “Browsing history and site data” to the “Cookies and site data” menu item, simplifying the process and making it more intuitive.

Updates for developers

Firefox 118 now supports ten new CSS math functions, including round, mod, rem, pow, sqrt, hypot, log, exp, abs, and sign. Additionally, support for all Web Authentication extension commands has been added, allowing users to authenticate themselves using Public Key Credentials.

Final Thoughts

To experience all these fantastic new features firsthand, head over to the official Mozilla website using the link below or update your Firefox browser through your package manager on Linux. Happy browsing!

Via release notes

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