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Firefox 114 Introduces Streamlined Bookmark Searching and Improved DNS Management

Introducing Firefox 114, which brings better bookmarks and DNS management.

Firefox 114
Firefox 114

Mozilla has released the latest version of its popular web browser, Firefox 114, packed with many exciting new features and enhancements. Among the highlights of this release is the newly added user interface (UI) that allows for easy management of the DNS over the HTTPS exception list.

Searching bookmarks has never been easier! Users can now conveniently search for bookmarks directly from the Bookmarks menu, which can be accessed by simply adding the Bookmarks menu button to the toolbar. This streamlined functionality enhances the browsing experience and makes bookmark organization a breeze.

Search bookmark is now available in toolbar button
Search bookmark is now available in toolbar button

Furthermore, Firefox 114 allows users to restrict searches to their local browsing history. By selecting the Search history option from the History, Library, or Application menu buttons, users can narrow down their searches to specific browsing sessions, ensuring quick and efficient retrieval of desired information.

Mac users are in for a treat with the latest release, as Firefox now enables video capture from cameras in all supported native resolutions. This exciting addition means that users can now record videos in resolutions higher than the standard 1280×720, opening up a whole new world of content creation and communication possibilities.

Another noteworthy enhancement in Firefox 114 is the option to reorder extensions listed in the extensions panel. This feature gives users greater flexibility in organizing their extensions, enabling them to prioritize and manage their browsing experience more effectively.

In a bid to bolster security and authentication capabilities, Mozilla has extended FIDO2 / WebAuthn authenticator support to macOS, Linux, and Windows 7 users. By utilizing USB connections, users can now enjoy the benefits of these advanced authenticators, including fully passwordless logins, although a PIN must be set on the authenticator to access certain advanced features. This addition strengthens Firefox’s commitment to user privacy and security.

Mozilla has also expanded the availability of Pocket Recommended content. Users in France, Italy, and Spain can now enjoy a curated selection of engaging and informative articles, further enriching their browsing experience and ensuring they stay up to date with the latest news and trends.

In addition to these exciting new features, Firefox 114 brings several changes that web developers will appreciate. The Copy as cURL feature in the Network panel has been enhanced, now supporting the –compressed argument. This improvement simplifies the process of copying network requests as cURL commands, enabling developers to analyze and troubleshoot network-related issues more effectively.

The Accessibility Inspector has received a significant upgrade, accurately recognizing all ARIA roles such as banner, main, navigation, and contentinfo, among others. Firefox 114 also introduces support for the CSS Cascading Level 4 supports() syntax for @import rules.

With Firefox 114, Mozilla continues delivering an exceptional browsing experience while empowering users and developers.


This version is now officially available to download from the FTP site below.

Major Linux distributions will package it to their repo within a few days from now, and you should receive this version as a regular OS update.

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