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Firefox 110 Released with GPU Sandboxing, WebGL Improvements

Firefox 110 is now available to download, bringing the following new features.

Released last week, Firefox 110 is the second release of this year and is now available to download and upgrade via official distribution channels.

This monthly release comes after Firefox 109 release, which was out in January.

Overall, the new features and bug fixes are minimal, especially for Linux. Here’s a quick recap.

Firefox 110 Running in Linux
Firefox 110 Running in Linux

Firefox 110: Best new features

For Windows users, there is some good news in this release. The much-awaited security feature GPU sandboxing is now available for Firefox in Windows. In theory, a sandbox isolates a process so that other malicious programs can’t attack or access other processes in the system. With this feature, the GPU processes are isolated and give you a more secure browsing experience in Windows.

Not sure when this feature will arrive in Linux or macOS.

That being said, you can check the sandboxing feature using the below steps:

  • Open “about:support” from the address bar.
  • Search for (CTRL+F) “sandbox” at the bottom of the page.
  • And verify the settings.

In addition to the above, you can now import bookmarks, browsing history and passwords from Opera and Vivaldi web browsers. It makes it easier for those who want to migrate to Firefox.

Furthermore, Firefox now enables options to block third-party modules from injecting themselves into Firefox. Enterprise large-scale Firefox deployments get a new policy aligning to the above blocking named DisableThirdPartyModuleBlocking. However, it’s not available in Firefox ESR deployments.

A few usability improvements arrive in macOS, Linux and Windows to clear datetime-local fields while pressing the CTRL+backspace/delete or Cmd+backspace. On top of that, Firefox now overlays hardware-decoded video in non-intel GPUs on Windows, improving video playback performance and scaling quality.

So, these are the key changes, other than the developer specific CSS, HTML updates which you can find in the changelog page (see below).

Download and update

For Linux distributions, if you used Firefox via your distribution’s official repository, then you should get this update within a few days.

However, you can also download the compressed version of this release from the below page. For other download options, do visit our Firefox download guide.

Happy browsing!

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