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Fedora Asahi Remix to Empower Apple Silicon Users!

Buckle up for an exciting new chapter in Linux history as Fedora Asahi Remix gears up for its grand arrival.

In an expected announcement at the Flock conference, the Asahi team and Fedora have unveiled their collaborative masterpiece: the upcoming “Fedora Asahi Remix”. This eagerly anticipated distribution marks a significant leap forward in the world of Linux, particularly for Apple Silicon enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting a comprehensive solution.

From its inception, the Asahi Linux project set out to accomplish a remarkable feat: to provide comprehensive Linux support for Apple Silicon devices, spanning across all major distributions. Building upon the foundation of Arch Linux ARM, the Asahi team embarked on an ingenious journey. They curated their own overlay package repository, seamlessly incorporating their integration efforts. It’s important to note that this venture was a purely downstream endeavor, with minimal connection to the upstream Arch Linux ARM or Arch Linux projects. Despite this, the Asahi team successfully harnessed the potential of their downstream distro remix, placing Asahi Linux into the hands of enthusiastic users.

However, this phase represented only a stepping stone toward their ultimate ambition.

The team recognized the necessity of deeper collaboration with upstream distributions, a pathway that led them to their partnership with Fedora. This strategic alliance has culminated in the birth of Fedora Asahi Remix, which features comprehensive Apple Silicon support, incorporating custom packages, kernel and Mesa forks, and meticulous image packaging prerequisites.

What truly sets the Fedora Asahi Remix apart is its upstream-first philosophy, mirroring the principles that have guided the Asahi team’s kernel and Mesa endeavors. Their distinctive tools, including the m1n1 low-level bootloader and asahi-scripts toolkit, have been seamlessly woven into upstream Fedora repositories. This implies that Fedora users, with compatible hardware, can directly benefit from these tools, enhancing their Linux experience on Apple Silicon devices.

The meticulous groundwork carried out by the Fedora Asahi SIG has resulted in the establishment of COPRs housing their hardware enablement package forks. This careful curation guarantees a smooth integration process and ensures that the Asahi team can concentrate on their forte: reverse engineering hardware, creating specialized drivers, and developing innovative software solutions.

It’s worth noting that the collaborative efforts between the Asahi team and Fedora extend beyond technical implementation. This symbiotic relationship is a testament to the power of the open-source community, with both entities coming together to pave the way for an enhanced Linux experience on Apple Silicon.

While the horizon brims with promise, it’s important to maintain a sense of realism. The Fedora Asahi Remix is a work in progress, with the Asahi team actively fine-tuning and refining their creation. As of now, it’s not officially labeled as a release, but the target is set for an exciting milestone: the anticipated launch of the Fedora Asahi Remix by the end of August 2023.

As the Asahi team aptly sums it up, this flagship distribution brings us closer to a future where Apple Silicon and Linux harmoniously coexist, and we eagerly await the remarkable transformation it promises to deliver.

If you want to try it on your Apple M1/M2 devices – follow the instructions on this page.

Via Asahi Linux Blog

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