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Fedora 36 is Released for Desktops and Servers. This is What’s New

Fedora Linux team announced the official release of Fedora 36 Workstation, servers and spins. Here are all the details.

Fedora 36 Workstation Desktop
Fedora 36 Workstation Desktop

Fedora 36 is officially released on May 10, 2022, for all its flavours, including the desktop and servers. It is a significant change because it brings several new features, the adaptation of new tech and underlying package updates.

Being a pioneer in the open-source Linux distribution space, you get GNOME 42 as the default workstation, Linux KErnel 5.17, Wayland updates and many bug fixes.

Fedora 36 Release – What’s New

Firstly, Fedora 36 desktop brings the shining GNOME 42, which is the latest version of the GNOME desktop bringing the much-awaited adaptation of GTK4 at its core. With Fedora, you can get the untouched GNOME and experience its full potential. Because, unlike Ubuntu, Fedora Linux doesn’t modify the GNOME Shell and settings. Not only that, the new libadwaita and GTK4 combo gives you a nice look across the desktop, controls, buttons, window borders and many such places. Also, with this version of GNOME, you get to experience the native light and dark style.

Secondly, GNOME 42 also introduces a newly developed text editor based on GTK4. The new text editor replaces the earlier GEdit as the default editor across the desktop. In addition, GNOME 42 Shell also brings a native screenshot and screencast utility which is super amazing to work on. It’s a perfect utility for basic screenshots and screencasting work.

On top of that, the latest Linux Kernel 5.17 also powers this version of Fedora. That means you get the support of brand new hardware across GPU, CPU and other peripheral devices. You can read more about the Linux Kernel 5.17 here.

Perhaps the most impactful change in this release is the decision from Fedora to make Wayland as default session with NVIDIA proprietary driver. If you remember, Wayland was the default server since Fedora 22, but it has not defaulted when the NVIDIA proprietary driver is in use. And it changes now. So, while updating or installing the NVIDIA system, check the session details before login.

Other than the above changes, Fedora 36 release brings system-wide font changes, which introduced Noto Sans, more informative systemd messages and a handful of bug fixes and performance improvements. You can read all the changes in the official changelog here.


You can download the workstation edition (GNOME) with Fedora 36 on the official download page.

For all the torrents, visit this page.

Read our complete Fedora 36 upgrade guide here if you plan to upgrade.

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