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EndeavorOS 24.04 “Gemini” Brings KDE Plasma 6

After a long wait, you get the freshly baked KDE Plasma 6 with EndeavourOS 24.04.

The Q1 2024 release of EndeavorOS 24.04 has finally been out, and it’s packed with exciting new features and improvements. EndeavorOS is a popular and user-friendly Arch Linux-based distribution that offers a simple installer for installing a basic Arch Linux environment with your preferred desktop environment.

Key highlights of EndeavourOS 24.04

One of the most significant updates in EndeavorOS 24.04 is the addition of support for the KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment in the installer and Live environment. In desktop installations, Wayland is enabled by default, but users can still opt to use X11. The installer has also been updated to version Calamares 3.3.5, and the Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 6.8.7. Firefox, Mesa, NVIDIA drivers, and Xorg-server have also been updated to their latest versions.

EndeavorOS 24.04 has also stopped creating assemblies for ARM boards, but it now uses regular proprietary NVIDIA drivers instead of the Nvidia-dkms package for systems with NVIDIA video cards. When selecting the “replace partition” option, the correct creation of the EFI partition is now ensured. Additionally, the Gparted disk partition editor has been added to the Live image, providing users with more flexibility and popular features that were missing in the previously used KDE application partitionmanager.

The Welcome updater and eos-bash-shared packages in EndeavorOS 24.04 now enable GNOME Terminal by default when using GNOME and xterm when using other environments. However, the application for displaying notifications about the availability of updates has been removed from the basic package.

EndeavorOS 24.04 offers a wide range of desktop environments, including Mate, LXQt, Cinnamon, Xfce, GNOME, Budgie, i3, BSPWM, and Sway mosaic window managers. The project developers are also working on adding support for Qtile and Openbox window managers, UKUI, LXDE, and Deepin desktops. One of the project developers is even developing its own window manager, Worm.

EndeavorOS 24.04 is an excellent choice for both new and experienced Linux users who prefer an out-of-the-box Arch Linux experience without the hassles of installation/configuration.

If you prefer for a new installation, get the ISO image from the below link. Refer: How to install Endeavour OS

Download Endeavour OS

For those who are already running EndeavourOS, simply use “sudo pacman -Syu” from the terminal to get it updated.

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