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Debian 12.4 Arrives with EXT4 Data Corruption Bug Fix

The Debian project is thrilled to announce the release of Debian 12.4, the latest update to its stable distribution codenamed “bookworm”. This point release brings a host of enhancements, bug fixes, and crucial updates, reinforcing Debian’s commitment to delivering a robust and secure operating system for users worldwide.

Debian 12.4 now available
Debian 12.4 now available

EXT4 bug fix

The Debian 12.4 release addresses a critical bug advisory, #1057843, concerning issues with the kernel-image-6.1.0-14 (6.1.64-1) related to ext4 file system data corruption. To fix this, Debian has rolled out kernel-image-6.1.0-15 (6.1.66) in this update, ensuring a more stable ext4 functionality. The bug was severe, and the team asked to hold off on upgrades earlier. However, now you can go ahead and upgrade your Debian systems.

Security Advisory Highlights

Security advisories have already been published separately, providing detailed insights into corrections for security issues and adjustments for significant problems. For those who regularly update from, this point release minimizes the need for extensive package updates, as most of them are conveniently integrated.

New installation images reflecting the Debian 12.4 update will soon be available at the regular locations, ensuring that users can benefit from the latest improvements right from the start.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Debian 12.4 includes numerous bug fixes across a spectrum of packages, enhancing the overall stability and functionality of the system. Some noteworthy corrections include:

  • adequate: Skip symbol-size-mismatch test on architectures where array symbols don’t include a specific length.
  • amanda: Fix local privilege escalation [CVE-2023-30577].
  • arctica-greeter: Move logo away from border when greeting.
  • awstats: Avoid prompts on upgrade due to logrotate configuration cleanup.
  • cups: Take into account that on some printers, the ColorModel option’s choice for color printing is CMYK and not RGB.

A comprehensive list of these bug fixes and improvements can be found in the Debian 12.4 release notes.

How to Upgrade

Existing installations can be upgraded to Debian 12.4 by pointing the package management system to one of Debian’s many HTTP mirrors. A list of mirrors is available here.

Debian users are encouraged to stay updated with the latest security advisories and apply necessary updates promptly to maintain a secure computing environment.

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