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Zorin OS 17 Released: A Leap Forward in Performance and Features

After months of anticipation, the Zorin Team is thrilled to unveil the next major version of its operating system – Zorin OS 17. Building on the success of its predecessor, Zorin OS 16, which amassed an impressive 6.2 million downloads since August 2021, this release marks a significant advancement in refining the overall user experience.

Let’s briefly walk you through the new features of Zorin OS 17.

What’s New in Zorin OS 17

Faster and Smoother Performance

Zorin OS 17 strongly emphasises speed, delivering a desktop that runs significantly snappier across a diverse range of hardware, both old and new. Performance optimizations have been implemented at every level, from the kernel to the desktop environment. This results in faster app openings, smoother animations, and reduced loading times, ensuring users can be more productive than ever before.

A notable achievement is the reduction of minimum system requirements from 2 GB to only 1.5 GB of RAM. This not only enhances the user experience but also extends the lifespan of older and low-spec computers, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Universal Search and Zorin Menu

The Zorin Menu, your starting point in the Zorin OS journey, has undergone a significant overhaul. Now, it boasts a faster and more efficient design, allowing users to seamlessly search for files, calendar appointments, contacts, apps, and more. Customizable search providers empower users to tailor their experience according to their preferences.

Explore the new “All Apps” category in the default menu layout, providing an alphabetically sorted list for convenient app browsing.

Universal search in Zorin 17

Multitasking Redefined

Zorin OS 17 introduces a revamped activities overview, making multitasking more seamless than ever. Workspaces are now arranged horizontally, and a 3-finger swipe on your touchpad enables easy switching between them. The Spatial Desktop feature takes multitasking to a new dimension, allowing users to switch between workspaces in 3D with a captivating parallax effect.
Spatial desktop
Spatial switcher

Refreshed Software Store

The Software store receives a major facelift, with improved speed and a refined design powered by the latest GNOME Software version 45.2. Bigger screenshots and information tiles on the app details pages provide a comprehensive overview, enhancing app exploration experience.

Advanced Window Tiling and Quick Settings Menu

Responding to user requests, Zorin OS 17 introduces an advanced window-tiling experience for power users. Users can now enjoy quarter-screen corner tiling, keyboard shortcuts, and custom tiling layouts, providing a more granular and customizable experience.

Explore the redesigned Quick Settings menu, offering direct access to a one-click Dark Mode toggle, audio device selection, and adjustable Power Modes for optimizing system performance and power efficiency.

New Screenshot & Screen Recording Experience

Capture and share your desktop with ease using the enhanced screenshot interface. Now presented as an overlay on the desktop, users can capture specific portions or record videos without the need for third-party apps.

Redesigned Weather App and 2 New Desktop Layouts in Zorin OS Pro

A redesigned Weather app provides a more visually appealing and information-rich interface. Additionally, Zorin OS 17 Pro introduces two new desktop layouts – ChromeOS-like and GNOME 2-like – further expanding user customization options.

Additional Features

Closing Notes

Zorin OS 17 stands as a testament to over 15 years of the team’s commitment to combining powerful desktop technology with user-friendly design. The culmination of hundreds of new features and improvements, this release redefines what users can expect from their operating system.

To experience the power of Zorin OS 17, visit the Download page on the official website using the link below.

Via Zorin blog.

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