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Windows is Testing a GNOME-like Dark Mode Switcher. Copy Again?

A possible feature in the upcoming Windows update is under test, which features a dark mode switcher from the Windows tray.

From the moment Windows 11 default look unveiled, it resembled mostly the major Linux desktop. Mostly a blend of KDE Plasma and GNOME. The start menu, taskbar, and desktop widgets – all remind us of the features of KDE Plasma and GNOME. Those features long existed in the Linux desktop world.

A recent Twitter post revealed that Microsoft tested a dark mode toggle button in the quick settings pop-up. Here’s a screengrab from the Tweet.

Windows 11 is testing a dark mode switcher, image credit: Zac

Does this remind you of anything? Recently GNOME desktop also revamped its Quick settings in GNOME 43, and behold, it also has a similar feature, which dynamically switches between light and dark themes, including supported apps.

Dark mode switcher in GNOME 43

Furthermore, I reported about a new KDE Control Center widget which was unveiled a month back. Ironically, it also has exactly the same type of design and functions that which Windows 11 team is testing.

Similar widget in KDE Plasma

You might argue that it’s not a patented feature, and any UI designer can “independently” arrive at this. But the timing of these changes in Windows 11 is definitely turning heads. Why now?

Anyways, from the end user’s perspective, it’s a good feature for Windows fans. Plus a “design inspiration” is a good thing and benefits all. But a “credit” should be given. Isn’t it?

But the long narrative of WSL introduction, TPM blockers, systemd direction, GitHub acquisition, and profit by open-source code (via Co-Pilot) only proves the decade-old “EEE” strategy.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment box.

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