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DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.14: Lunar Lobster Daily Build, Asahi Linux Updates + More

Weekly roundup #22.04

Weekly roundup #22.04

We present the weekly roundup #22.14 featuring FOSS and tech updates across the web.

Welcome to the DebugPoint Weekly roundup #22.14 where you can find all the happenings from this week, mainly from the Linux and open-source space.

This week mostly concentrates on a bunch of key updates across Linux distributions and desktops. A few application updates as well. Mostly a mundane week, considering the Thanksgiving holidays.

Here’s what happened this week.

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.14

🎯 Spotlight updates from GNU/Linux

📌 Top Articles this week from DebugPoint

🖥️ Desktop Environment and Linux Distro

🔖 Application Updates

💡 Interesting updates across the web

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Wrapping Up

That’s about this week’s weekly roundup #22.14. Please let me know in the comment box if you know of some exciting news stories we might have missed this week.

See you in the next round-up. And Happy Thanksgiving.

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