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Home » DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.12: OpenSSL Fixes, Nitrux 2.5, elementary OS 7 Updates

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.12: OpenSSL Fixes, Nitrux 2.5, elementary OS 7 Updates

We present the weekly roundup #22.12 featuring FOSS and tech updates across the web.

Welcome to the DebugPoint Weekly roundup #22.12, where you can find all the happenings from this week, mainly from the Linux and open-source space.

This week, we saw several critical security updates from major packages, distro updates and new features on some major app releases.

Here’s what happened this week.

DebugPoint Weekly Roundup #22.12

🎯 Spotlight updates from GNU/Linux

  • OpenSSL 3.0.7 is out with critical CVE fixes, which delayed Fedora 37 and other releases. [Read More]
  • Linux Kernel 6.1 testing continues, and RC3 is out this week. [Read More]
  • Linux Mint team announced that its updater can now support Flatpak updates. [Read More]

📌 Top Articles this week from DebugPoint

🖥️ Desktop Environment and Linux Distro

  • OpenSUSE calls for community testing of the new web-based installer. [Read More]
  • elementary OS team gives us updates about the progression of the upcoming elementary OS 7. [Read more]
  • Nitrux 2.5 is out with an updated Kernel and more features. [Read More]
  • Linux Lite 6.2 was released with Linux Kernel 6.0 and more updates. [Read More]
  • Xfce 4.18 desktop’s first pre-release is out. [Read More]
  • LXQt 1.2 has been released with new features, bug fixes and a few enhancements. [Read more]
  • GParted LIVE is out with latest Kernel 6.0 and a handfull of new apps. [Read More]

🔖 Application Updates

  • OBS Studio 28.1 is out with a handful of code updates, and bug fixes. [Read More]
  • SuperTuxKart 1.4 has been released, bringing experimental support for Vulkan Renderer. [Read More]
  • LibreOffice 7.3.7 is the final point release of the 7.3 series. Update to LibreOffice 7.4. [Read More]
  • HPLIP (Hp Printer support) released 3.22.10. This release is only for updated Ubuntu versions and contains no printer and scanner updates. [Read More]
  • Systemd 252 was released with systemd-measure and other new switches. [Read more]

    💡 Interesting updates across the web

    • A Reddit user gets hold of a 2013-Netflix cache server with 7.2 TB, and you get a sneak peek at how Netflix hardware looks earlier that streams thousands of terabytes. [Read more]

    Wrapping Up

    That’s about this week’s weekly roundup #22.12. Please let me know in the comment box if you know of some exciting news stories we might have missed this week.

    See you in the next round-up.

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