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Homecoming? Ubuntu Unity Remix Submitted Proposal for Official Flavour Tag

Missing Unity? Your wait might get over with Ubuntu Unity 22.10 as the team submitted a proposal to be accepted as the next official Ubuntu flavour.

Update: Unity is accepted as the official flavour. Read the announcement here.

Unity desktop was initially designed for Netbook computers; hence its user interface was different from traditional desktops. It introduced the Hud search, Global Menu, Fixed dock and many other features.

It’s been many years since Canonical – the original creator of the Unity desktop environment, abandoned it. Canonical officially replaced Unity with GNOME on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release onwards.

However, a group of open-source folks continued its development over the years, and an unofficial Ubuntu Unity Remix featuring the Unity desktop was introduced in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on April 2020.

Ubuntu Unity Remix as Official Ubuntu Flavour

Now, the creator of the unofficial Ubuntu Unity Remix distribution proposed for official Ubuntu flavour tag in the Ubuntu Technical Board Meeting.

Global HUD in Ubuntu Unity 22.04

What’s next?

The board will review the distribution in terms of Quality, best practices, lead-contacts and other aspects which is mandated by the official Ubuntu flavour.

When a distro becomes official, a lot is at stake. Because the distro maintainers need to follow the release schedule of Ubuntu (both long term and short term). And the steps include all required testing for each point release, etc.

It’s a lot of work because you are now more responsible and committed to the project.

Currently there are six official flavours of Ubuntu, excluding GNOME. They are Xubuntu, MATE, Kylin, Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Budgie. The decision is under review as of writing this post, and if approved, there will be another flavour addition to the list.

The distro itself is in good shape at the moment. The recent Ubuntu Unity Remix 22.04 LTS release is excellent and stable, featuring Unity 7.5.

All it needs is probably some documentation and housekeeping.

Hopefully, we will see the revolutionary Unity desktop via official flavour in the upcoming Ubuntu 22.10 release, due in October.

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