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Ubuntu 23.10 BETA Released for Testing

It’s that time of the year again when the Linux community eagerly awaits the next iteration of one of its favourite distributions. Ubuntu 23.10 Beta is here, and it brings along a bundle of exciting updates and improvements that are sure to revive your interest.

Let’s briefly take a look at what’s new.

Ubuntu 23.10 Beta desktop

Ubuntu 23.10: What’s New

Linux Kernel 6.5

The foundation of any Linux distribution is its kernel, and Ubuntu 23.10 doesn’t disappoint. With the introduction of Linux Kernel 6.5, Ubuntu takes a giant leap forward in terms of hardware support and system performance. This latest kernel version introduces features like WiFi 7 support and MIDI 2.0 compatibility, which promise to enhance your computing experience.


If you’re a fan of the GNOME desktop environment, you’re in for a treat. Ubuntu 23.10 ships with GNOME 45, bringing a fresh and improved desktop experience. Among the standout features is the KMS thread, a clever addition that offloads cursor movement handling to a dedicated thread, resulting in smoother and more responsive interactions.

Another game-changer is the YUV colour support in Wayland, optimized for video and image processing. It offers greater efficiency, especially during dynamic scenarios. The updated Adwaita styles in Settings and GNOME Files, featuring split header bars and global search in Nautilus, will make your workflow more efficient and enjoyable.

Quarter Tiling

Multitasking gets easier with the introduction of Tiling Assistant, a popular GNOME extension, in Ubuntu 23.10. This enhanced window tiling functionality allows you to customize your workspace to suit your workflow, making arranging and resizing windows a breeze.

Enhanced Security with TPM-Backed Full Disk Encryption

For those who prioritize security, Ubuntu 23.10 introduces TPM-backed Full Disk Encryption (FDE) as an experimental feature. This feature eliminates the need for manual passphrase entry at boot, securely managing the decryption key and bolstering protection against physical attacks. While traditional passphrase-based FDE remains an option, adventurous users can explore this new layer of security, albeit with caution.

Experimental ZFS and TPM

In addition, the new installer now gives you two options – whether you want a minimal system; Or, want a full install with an office suite and additional packages. This is neat.

New installer with default and expanded install option

The All-New App Center

One of the most exciting additions in Ubuntu 23.10 is the new App Center. Built on Flutter, this app store boasts a sleek layout, improved search functionality, enhanced app views, and the ability to switch between Snap and Debian packages. While it won’t replace the classic Software Center, it represents a significant evolution of Ubuntu’s software stores.

Notably, most of the apps in the new App Center are Snap apps from the Snapcraft store, so Flatpak enthusiasts might need to adapt to this shift.

Core Packages and Toolchain Updates

Ubuntu 23.10 comes packed with the latest core packages, including Python 3.11.5, PHP 8.2, GCC 13.2, GlibC 2.38, Ruby 3.2, and golang 1.2. This means you won’t need to install Python 3.11 separately, although Python 3.12 is on the horizon.

Flavours: Staying True to the Essentials

Most of the official Ubuntu flavours have remained consistent with their point releases compared to the previous version, focusing on bug fixes and stability improvements. However, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Cinnamon remix get their latest desktop versions, while popular desktops receive updates as follows:

With all these enhancements, Ubuntu 23.10 Beta is shaping up to be an exciting release for Linux users. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore new features and provide valuable feedback to improve the final release.

You can download this BETA release using the link below.

Ubuntu FlavourLink to .iso image(s)
Ubuntu 23.10 Desktop
Xubuntu 23.10
Ubuntu MATE 23.10
Ubuntu Kylin 23.10
Lubuntu 23.10
Kubuntu 23.10
Ubuntu Budgie 23.10
Ubuntu Studio 23.10not available
Ubuntu Unity 23.10
Edubuntu 23.10
Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.10

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