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Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu Development Starts. Daily Builds Are Now Available.

The development starts for Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu this week, and the daily build ISOs are now available to download.

Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu Desktop (daily build)

Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu release is planned for October 20, 2022. But before that, many development milestones were to be met.

As of publishing this post, the dates are tentative. But, we can safely assume that Feature Freeze and Debian import freeze timeline should be met in August 2022. In addition, the UI freeze and beta freeze that follows should be completed by September 20, 2022.

Ubuntu 22.10 – Features

It is very early to predict anything. Firstly, we can safely assume that Ubuntu 22.10 should ship with Linux Kernel 5.19, which should be out before Debian’s import freeze. Secondly, Ubuntu 22.10 should include GNOME 43, which is due to be released on Sep 21, 2022, and it coincides with the Feature freeze schedule of this release.

The GNOME 43 should include the latest instalment and improvement of GNOME Shell. Moreover, this release should land a new version of Nautilus (Files) with many new GTK4 features.

Moreover, being a short term release, there may not be a massive set of features expected after a super-successful LTS release. However, updated toolchains, packages, GNOME 43, the latest Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice are the few that should ship with Kinetic Kudu.

Furthermore, the official Ubuntu flavours should also get their respective latest stable desktop version. So, if my math is correct, KDE Plasma 5.25 with Kubuntu, Xfce 4.16 in Xubuntu and LXQt 1.1.0 in Lubunutu should be the latest version that should come with this release.

Last but not the least, I really hope that the new Rust based installer should ship with this version. It’s been in the works for so long now.

The new installer

Ubuntu 22.10 Daily Build ISO Download

The daily ISO files are ready to download if you are a developer or an early adopter. I have added the links below for your reference to download. Daily images, which are a little less unstable than canary, are available to download below link.

FlavourDaily builds ISO link
Ubuntu GNOME
Ubuntu MATE
Ubuntu Budgie
Ubuntu Kylin

In addition to the daily images, the canary builds, which are super unstable, which you can find here.

Finally, We will keep an eye on the development of this release and keep you updated with significant happenings here. Stau tuned.

Via the Official release page.

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