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Ubuntu 22.04.1 Arrives in Style with Rock Solid Updates

The much awaited first point release of Jammy Jellyfish – Ubuntu 22.04.1 is now available for download.

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Desktop

Delayed by a few days, Ubuntu 22.04.1 was released with a hefty amount of initial bug fixes since the official release on April 2022. The first point release is an essential milestone for the Ubuntu LTS series because it eliminates initial troubles and prepares it for official upgrades.

The commercial deployments of Ubuntu across enterprises should plan for upgrading to this version at this point.

Although we extensively covered the Ubuntu 22.04 release and did a benchmark, I thought I should have a recap of the features.

Ubuntu 22.04.1 – The Changes

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS brings Linux Kernel 5.15 (also an LTS release), which brings official support for modern hardware across CPUs, GPUs, ports and additional kernel modules.

If you have not seen any spoilers about Ubuntu 22.04, then the most exciting change for you would be GNOME 42. Specially, if you are coming straight from prior Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. GNOME 42 brings a happy fusion of GTK4 and libadwaita – giving the entire desktop environment and its family of apps a much-needed overhaul.

I will keep the spoiler for you to experience, and if you can’t wait, you might want to check out our LTS-to-LTS spotter guide.

And to learn more about the release, you can read our detailed Ubuntu 22.04 review.

Let’s talk about the changes exclusive to the point release – this is for the folks who are already running the Jammy Jellyfish.

What changed since the official release

First, the GNOME desktop is bumped up to 42.2 in this release, bringing additional bug fixes and enhancements to GNOME Shell and its native apps.

In addition, you can browse the web using the latest Firefox 103.0 stable, check your emails using Thunderbird 91.11 and have productive office work using LibreOffice

Some of the critical bugs that got fixed are WPA wireless manager could not connect to servers while using the older TLS 1.1 version, the fingerprint enrolling error fix, and an upgrade fix preventing unlocking the encrypted drives.

Here’s a quick rundown of the other noteworthy bugs which got fixed:

There is no change log available for this point release. Hence you can go ahead and install it.

Upgrade and Download

If you are running Ubuntu 21.10 or Ubuntu 21.04, you should start getting the prompt to upgrade to this version, soon.

And suppose you are already running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. In that case, you should also get the update within a day or two via the official updater. That includes the Ubuntu 20.04 users as well.

You can always download a fresh copy of this release from the below links.


Along with Ubuntu, all the official flavours got their first point release. You can download them using the following link(s).

In addition to the above, you can also upgrade the official flavours using the official updater.

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