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QEMU 8.0.0 Released with New Features and Improvements for Multiple Architectures

QEMU releases 8.0.0, introducing many improvements and new features across multiple architectures. Read on to discover the highlights and how to download the latest release.

ReactOS running under QEMU (Credit: QEMU)

QEMU, the popular emulator and virtualization tool, has just released version 8.0.0, featuring over 2800 commits from 238 authors. This release introduces a wide range of improvements and new features across multiple architectures.

Users can download the tarball from QEMU’s download page, and review the full list of changes in the changelog.

Among the highlights is new ARM support for emulation of FEAT_EVT, FEAT_FGT, and AArch32 ARMv8-R, CPU emulation for Cortex-A55 and Cortex-R52, and a new Olimex STM32 H405 machine type. There is also gdbstub support for M-profile system registers.

HPPA has gained support for the fid (Floating-Point Identify) instruction and 32-bit emulation improvements. RISC-V also gets a lot of attention, with additional ISA and Extension support for smstateen, native debug icount trigger, cache-related PMU events in virtual mode, and ACPI support. RISC-V’s machine support for OpenTitan, PolarFire, and OpenSBI has also been updated. Additionally, there are numerous emulation/virtualization improvements, including PMP propagation for TLB, mret exceptions, uncompressed instructions, and other fixes.

s390x has seen improvements in zPCI passthrough device handling and support for asynchronous teardown of memory of secure KVM guests during reboot. x86 support now includes Xen guests under KVM with Linux v5.12+, a new SapphireRapids CPU model, and TCG support for FSRM, FZRM, FSRS, and FSRC CPUID flags. Finally, virtio-mem now supports preallocation in conjunction with live migration, and qemu-nbd has improved efficiency over TCP and when using TLS.

QEMU 8.0.0 introduces a wealth of improvements and new features across multiple architectures. If you are interested to learn more, you can read the changelog here.

You can download the source from here. Here are the build instructions if you want to compile it for yourself.

tar xvJf qemu-8.0.0.tar.xz
cd qemu-8.0.0

Distro availability

As of publishing this article, QEMU 8.0.0 is yet to land in the official distribution testing repos. Currently, all the distributions are packaging the earlier stable version QEMU 7.2.

For this version’s availability, you may revisit the following pages.

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