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Q4OS 5.2 Arrives as LTS with Debian 12 “Bookworm” Base

Introducing Q4OS 5.2 ‘Aquarius’ – the Debian 12-based LTS version with Trinity and Plasma desktop options.

The Q4OS team has released the highly anticipated Q4OS 5.2 version, codenamed ‘Aquarius’, as a long-term support (LTS) edition. This latest release comes with the powerful Debian 12 “Bookworm” base and features the Plasma 5.27.5 desktop environment, with the Trinity 14.1.1 desktop available as an option.

Targeting 64-bit/x64 computers, Q4OS Aquarius offers a stable and lightweight Debian-based operating system with added value through unique Q4OS tools. Additionally, plans are underway to bring Aquarius to ARM devices, expanding its reach to a wider range of hardware.

Q4OS 5.2 desktop

With a commitment to stability, Q4OS 5.2 ‘Aquarius’ is designed to provide a rock-solid operating system for both individual users and companies. This LTS version will be supported for a minimum of five years, ensuring regular security patches and software updates. By leveraging the capabilities of the Trinity desktop and maintaining the Debian stock appearance for the Plasma desktop, Q4OS offers users the flexibility to customize their desktop experience to suit their preferences.

To enhance user convenience, Q4OS introduces the “Debonaire” theme, recommended for those who appreciate the Q4OS brand identity. In addition, the exclusive Desktop Profiler tool enables users to create and modify custom profiles, allowing for easy export and import of desktop configurations across different hardware setups. With this feature, users can effortlessly install and configure a fresh operating system with a pre-defined set of applications and packages, significantly reducing post-installation efforts.

New Debonaire theme in Q4OS 5.2

Furthermore, Q4OS ensures compatibility with both Plasma and Trinity desktop environments, enabling users to seamlessly switch between the two without any interference.

Q4OS places utmost importance on maintaining stability, and any changes to the core system are meticulously evaluated before implementation. The team prioritizes thorough testing and careful consideration of potential consequences, ensuring that the operating system remains reliable and secure over an extended period.

You can download the official ISO of this version from the below page.

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