KDE Plasma 5.25 Plans for Dynamic Accent Colour Based on Wallpaper

A new feature is coming to KDE Plasma 5.25 that allows you to change the desktop accent colour based on the Wallpaper.

In the weekly KDE development update, the team shows how the recent improvements shaped up for the KDE Plasma 5.25.

KDE Plasma 5.25 with Custom Accent Colour

KDE Plasma Accent Colour Based on Wallpaper

Firstly, the new accent colour option can change the desktop accent colour based on the wallpaper you choose on the fly. The feature takes a cue from the Wallpaper colour extracting algorithm and sets the could when you select the below option.

KDE Plasma accent colour based on wallpaper (image credit: KDE Team)

Moreover, the accent colour in the KDE Plasma desktop was improved after a couple of releases with small increments. Earlier it was a selected set of colours, and then we received a custom user-defined accent colour from the colour picker. And now, it becomes dynamic and feature-complete based on wallpaper driven.

Here’s a video of the accent colour change based on the wallpaper. Video credit: Nate Graham.


Other than that, the upcoming KDE Plasma also brings a nice little feature that may not look big. But its usability and impact are huge. When you apply some change to the Global Theme via appearance, the desktop now prompts you which sections are impacted by the Global Theme.

It helps to understand how the global settings change your entire desktop before you apply.

KDE Plasma Warns about the change in Global Theme

Furthermore, the standard loading animation in Kirigami based apps (mobile and desktop) changed to show a horizontal loading bar replacing the animated plasma gear.

The New Animation
The Old Animation

That’s not all; the disk usage app Filelight now changed its home page with a standard welcome page which gives you options to scan a specific folder. Earlier the home page showed a pictorial re-presentation of the entire disk, which was incorrect.

Finally, many major and minor bug fixes landed this week across Plasma shell, KDE applications that will eventually add to the next stable release.

Contribute and Test

If you want to get involved in the development with your capacity, make sure to read the official guide here and contribute.

You can test the KDE Neon unstable edition with the above features and report any issues which you may find.

KDE Plasma 5.25 plans to release on June 14, 2022.

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