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Phosh Arrives on Arch Linux for Mobile Usage

The highly popular Phosh graphical user interface (GUI) debuted on Arch Linux, bringing us one step closer to the dream of a fully functional Linux mobile experience.

Phosh, a portmanteau of “phone” and “shell,” is a sleek and intuitive GUI specifically designed for mobile and touch-based devices. Developed by the innovative team at Purism, Phosh has earned its stripes as the default shell on several mobile Linux operating systems, including PureOS and Mobian. Most notably, it powers the Librem phone, a device that has garnered considerable attention from the open-source community.

The appeal of a Linux-based mobile or tablet device has always been tempting for those seeking an alternative to the ubiquitous Android or iOS ecosystem. With the introduction of Phosh to Arch Linux, this dream inches closer to reality.

Arch Linux, renowned for its simplicity, customization, and rolling-release model, has a dedicated user base of enthusiasts and power users. Many in this community have long yearned for a comprehensive Linux experience on their mobile and tablet devices.

Recently, a developer (Jelle van der Waa) packaged Phosh and made it available in the Arch Linux “extra” repository. This move not only extends the reach of Phosh but also opens the door to a broader range of devices.

Phosh running in Arch Linux (Credit: Jelle van der Waa)

Early testing reports indicate that Phosh on Arch Linux performs impressively well in Surface Go x86 tablet. However, it’s essential to note that there are still a few packages in development to ensure a seamless user experience. Specifically, work is ongoing on packages like “feedbackd,” the haptic feedback daemon, and “phosh-mobile-settings” to fine-tune the interface.

These incremental improvements are expected to enhance the overall usability of Phosh on Arch Linux and bring us closer to a Linux mobile experience that rivals mainstream alternatives.

Arch Linux package link: Phosh

Via Jelly’s blog

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