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OpenSSH 9.6 Arrives: Patching Up and Powering Up

OpenSSH, the workhorse of secure remote access, has received a welcome update with version 9.6. This release doesn’t just patch security holes, it also throws in some handy new features to keep your remote connections running smoothly and securely.

OpenSSH 9.6: Key fixes

OpenSSH 9.6 addresses three key vulnerabilities:

OpenSSH 9.6

Additional updates

OpenSSH 9.6 isn’t all about plugging holes; it also brings some useful additions:

That’s about the key updates in this bug fix minor release.

In summary, OpenSSH 9.6 is a worthwhile upgrade. Update your systems and keep your device secure. Remember: Strong passwords and proper key management remain crucial security practices, even with OpenSSH 9.6’s improvements.

This version should arrive in all major Linux distribution repositories within this week as of publishing this.

You can download the source from this page.

Via release announcement

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