OBS Studio 30 Released: An Essential Update for Linux Users

OBS Studio 30 release brings WHIP, redesigned interfaces, and troubleshooting tools for Linux users and more.

OBS Studio, the go-to open-source software for content creators, has just unveiled its latest release, version 30. Packed with a myriad of new features and crucial changes, this update caters extensively to the Linux user base, enhancing their streaming and recording experiences.

OBS Studio 30
OBS Studio 30

Best new features of OBS Studio 30

WHIP/WebRTC Output: The introduction of WHIP marks a pivotal shift, slated to replace FTL in the coming years. This change promises enhanced streaming capabilities, ensuring a smoother and more efficient streaming experience for users, especially for those focused on low-latency streaming.

Redesigned Status Bar: The revamped status bar provides a more intuitive and structured display, featuring easily recognizable icons, offering users a more organized and user-friendly interface.

Full-Height Docks Option: With the addition of full-height docks, users can now optimize their workspace, allowing docks like chat to take up the entire height of the OBS window, ensuring a more customized and efficient layout.

Expanded Codec Support on Linux: The inclusion of Intel QSV support for H264, HEVC, and AV1 codecs on Linux significantly broadens the software’s compatibility and performance on the platform.

Enhanced Performance Across Platforms: From a shader cache improving startup times on Windows to application audio capture on macOS, this update ensures a more seamless user experience across different operating systems.

Changes in streaming

Enhanced User Interface: Changes like sorted audio/video encoder dropdowns and sorted application lists in the macOS Screen Capture source make navigation and selection smoother, simplifying the overall user experience.

Streamlined Troubleshooting: The addition of “Safe Mode” facilitates troubleshooting by allowing users to run OBS without third-party plugins and scripts. This feature automatically activates if the software detects an improper shutdown, ensuring a smoother diagnostic process for users facing issues.

Refined Control and Customization: The ability to arrange filters via drag and drop, along with the addition of a YouTube Live Control Room Panel, empowers users with more refined control over their streaming content.

Improved Compatibility: Changes, like reworked virtual camera support on macOS and HDR playback support for Decklink output, enhance compatibility with various applications and devices.

This major release marks a significant step forward in terms of functionality, compatibility, and user experience. The expanded codec support, redesigned interface, and troubleshooting enhancements make OBS Studio 30 a crucial update for content creators relying on Windows and Linux-based systems.

You can download OBS Studio 30 from the official website below.

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