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NordVPN Open Sources Key Modules for Community Collaboration

NordVPN takes a big step towards transparency and accountability by releasing its Linux app, Libtelio, and Libdrop as open source to encourage community participation and innovation.

The leading virtual private network service provider – NordVPN, has announced that it has open-sourced three products, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and community collaboration.

NordVPN open sources its products

As part of this move, NordVPN released two core libraries to GitHub and its Linux applications. This means anyone can examine, alter, and distribute these sources as they see fit.

The code is already up in GitHub as I publish this!

By making these products open source, NordVPN encourages the coding community to scrutinize its code and make suggestions for improvement. NordVPN is confident in the security and quality of its software and is keen to have feedback from the coding community.

The company is also committed to collaborative progress, acknowledging that developers and cybersecurity experts can bring their own unique perspectives to NordVPN’s applications.

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Libtelio & Libdrop

The decision to open-source Libtelio is a particularly significant step, as this code underpins all NordVPN applications, not just the Linux client. By putting this material into the hands of the Linux community, which is currently one of the strongest open-source communities, NordVPN hopes to encourage talented coders and developers to scrutinize its code and help make its service better.

In addition to Libtelio, NordVPN is also making Libdrop open source. This library of files is integral to its Meshnet file-sharing system and will benefit from creative input from the coding community.

The more eyes on the software, the better it can be made.

The decision to open-source these products coincides with the launch of NordVPN’s free Meshnet feature, further underscoring the company’s commitment to transparency and community collaboration. Ultimately, NordVPN wants as many people as possible to benefit from the products it develops. The company is confident it can further that mission by making its code open source.

Closing Notes

The benefits of open-source software are well known. By opening up its code, NordVPN hopes to have its code examined and strengthened by the community. Undeniably, open-source software is at the core of today’s modern IT products and services. Hence this will benefit the community as a whole.

GitHub links: libtelio & libdrop

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