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NetBSD 10 BETA is Now Available for Testing

The portable operating system NetBSD 10 BETA is now out for testing after three years of development.

NetBSD 10, a major update to the NetBSD operating system, is finally ready for beta testing after nearly three years of development. This update includes various new features and improvements, including improved cryptography, hardware devices support, and new userspace programs.

Let’s quickly brief you about the highlights of this release.

NetBSD 10: What’s New

One of the standout features of NetBSD 10 is its compatibility with WireGuard, a modern and secure VPN protocol. In addition to this, the update includes automatic swap encryption, new disk encryption methods, and CPU acceleration in the kernel to enhance overall security.

In terms of hardware support, NetBSD 10 brings updated GPU drivers from Linux 5.6 and support for various ARM devices, including the Raspberry Pi 4 and the Apple M1. The update also supports new security features in ARM CPUs and ethernet adapters from Realtek and Intel.

NetBSD 10 Beta running in virtual machine

NetBSD 10 also includes several improvements for retrocomputing enthusiasts, including improved multiprocessor support on Alpha and additional support for the iMac G5. The Xen hypervisor has also received a significant overhaul.

Various new userspace programs are available, including tools for managing audio volume and disk trimming, and a utility for checking the integrity of UDF file systems.

Additionally, displayport and HDMI audio are now enabled in the default x86 kernel, so you may need to change the default audio device if you’re not getting any sound output. Finally, note that blacklistd has been renamed to blocklistd.


You can download the NetBSD 10 from the below link. This is a direct download link to the 64-bit ISO.

For other download options, visit the release announcement page.

It’s worth noting that NetBSD 10 is expected to be a major milestone in terms of performance, particularly on multi-core systems. However, these performance improvements will likely be fully realized once the final release is published, which is expected to happen in the coming months.

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