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mpv 0.36.0 Released with Fractional Scaling Support for Wayland

Discover the latest mpv 0.36.0 media player update, bringing advanced video performance and features to elevate your multimedia experience.

mpv media player

Super lightweight and powerful media player mpv scores another major update, i.e. mpv 0.36.0. Packed with many exciting new features and improvements, this version promises major tech upgrades aligning with changing times.

Let’s take a look at the new features.

Mpv 0.36.0 – What’s New

New Features That Ignite Excitement:

  1. Advanced Sixel Alternative: The vo_kitty now offers a modern sixel alternative, taking visual quality to new heights. Get ready to be impressed by sharper and more vivid graphics.
  2. Cutting-Edge Wayland Support: Embrace the future of display scaling with the addition of wp-fractional-scale-v1 support. Wayland users will appreciate smoother and more precise display scaling options.
  3. Dynamic HDR10+ Metadata: Witness improved video playback with support for mapping HDR10+ dynamic metadata on vo_gpu_next. Prepare to experience vibrant colours and heightened contrast in your HDR content.
  4. Dolby Vision Metadata Parsing: The vo_gpu_next now incorporates Dolby Vision metadata parsing for dynamic scene brightness. This results in a more immersive and visually captivating viewing experience.
  5. Floating Point Precision for CSP Equalizer: Video enthusiasts can now adjust fine-grained colour space with floating point precision, offering greater control over video output.
  6. Enhanced Platform Control: The addition of the platform property to commands provides developers with improved ways to customize the player’s behaviour based on their specific platforms.
  7. ARIB Captions Support: Demux_mkv now supports ARIB captions, enhancing accessibility for users who rely on this feature.
  8. Window-ID Property: Enjoy greater control over the player window with the newly introduced window-ID property. This enhancement opens up possibilities for seamless integration with other applications and window managers.

Cautionary Notes on Changes:

  1. FFmpeg 4.4 or Newer Required: With great advancements come increased system requirements. To enjoy the new release, make sure you’re running FFmpeg 4.4 or a more recent version.
  2. Deprecated Waf Build System: The Waf build system is officially deprecated, indicating a shift towards alternative build systems. Keep this in mind for future updates and support.
  3. Adjustments to Wayland and Pipewire Requirements: Be aware that this release bumps the required Wayland version to 1.20 and wayland-protocols to 1.25. Additionally, ao_pipewire now requires at least libpipewire 0.3.48.
  4. Legacy API Support Removal: The update removes support for legacy (non-atomic) DRM API, stream/dvb DVB API before Linux 3.7, and PL_HANDLE_WIN32_KMT on Windows 7.

Along with the above key updates, a huge list of bug fixes arrives in this version. You can read more in the change log.

This version should arrive in the Linux distribution’s official repositories within a few days. Those who prefer the Flatpak version may check this page for updates.

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