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Mozilla Introduces Unique Social Media Experiment: Didthis

“Didthis” – a new way of sharing your daily activities in a concept of social media, brought to you by Mozilla.

Mozilla has unveiled its latest venture: Didthis. Positioned as a refreshing departure from conventional social media, Didthis aims to provide you with a platform to nurture your passions without the negative side effects often associated with mainstream social media platforms.

“Everyone has a hobby. More generally, everyone has things they’re interested in or passionate about. And pursuing those interests is one of the big reasons that we use the Web,” states Mozilla, emphasizing the intrinsic motivation behind their latest experiment.

Passion as personal projects

Didthis caters to individuals immersed in project-oriented hobbies or personal interests. Whether you’re a fan of knitting, woodworking, culinary arts, or any other pursuit, Didthis offers a streamlined platform to document your journey. Users can effortlessly capture photos, save links, jot down notes, and compile their updates into a chronological timeline, effectively narrating the story of their projects.

“It’s a personal record of your progress, an acknowledgement of what you learned from your setbacks, and a celebration of your growth as a hobbyist,” explains Mozilla, underscoring the app’s significance in fostering personal development and skill enhancement.

Mozilla Didthis
Mozilla Didthis

Privacy first approach

Unlike traditional social media paradigms, Didthis prioritizes privacy. By default, all user activity remains private. However, users retain the option to share their project updates with selected individuals or groups, be it friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts across various online platforms.

Mozilla clarifies, “Didthis isn’t really ‘social media,’ at least not yet.” While community features may be integrated in the future, the current focus remains on providing a conducive environment for healthy interactions and personal growth rather than pursuing virality.

How to access?

Didthis is readily accessible through its web application, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, an early version of the iOS app is available for users in the US and Canada, with an Android counterpart slated for release soon.

To facilitate community engagement and gather valuable feedback, Mozilla has established a dedicated Discord server. Within this space, users can connect with the Didthis team, participate in discussions, and optionally showcase their project updates in the “show and tell” channel.

Access Didthis:

Via Mozilla Blog

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