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Good News! Mesa Package with Hardware Acceleration is Arriving in RPM Fusion

The popular RPM Fusion repo brings the recently disabled Mesa package.

A few days back, Fedora Linux disabled the decoding of h264dec, h264enc, h265dec, h265enc, and vc1dec via GPU from its upcoming Fedora 37 onwards. The Mesa package which was providing this feature introduced a switch to disable the patented codecs. Until now, due to an oversight, it was enabled in Fedora.

Since then, numerous users over forums debated this decision and its consequences for the users.

As always, the open-source community finds a way to resolve the situation.

RPM Fusion repo to the rescue

The RPM Fusion team initiated a review to include the Mesa package with those above codecs enabled. The proposed package name is mesa-freeworld.

The spec file of the proposed package of Mesa in RPM Fusion

Today, the famous RPM Fusion is the go-to repo for anything that Fedora Linux can’t provide by default installer. It provides the non-free packages (such as ffmpeg, etc.) with an easy method for installation in Fedora and other RPM-based systems.

If it is approved (which is likely in a few days), you can simply install it using the command "sudo dnf install mesa-freeworld" after setting up the RPM Fusion repo.

As of publishing this, the package is under review.

A change like this requires a lot of testing, including regression in RPM Fusion. So, hopefully, it will get approved within a couple of days, and you can finally be able to enable those codecs in question in Fedora Linux.

So, no worries, you can continue with Fedora Linux.

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