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Linux Mint 22 “Wilma” Plans for PipeWire Integration

For a better multimedia experience, Linux Mint 22 will feature PipeWire by default, among other updates.

In the latest monthly update from the Linux Mint team, the forthcoming release, Linux Mint 22, is set to introduce key enhancements aimed at optimizing user experience and system performance. One of the prominent features in the pipeline is the adoption of PipeWire as the default sound server.

PipeWire, a powerful and versatile multimedia processing framework, is planned to replace PulseAudio, which has been the default sound server in previous iterations of Linux Mint. This transition aims to modernize the audio stack, promising improved audio management, better device compatibility, and enhanced latency handling.

PipeWire, hailed as the “Swiss Army knife” of multimedia handling in the Linux ecosystem, offers a unified solution for managing audio, video, and other multimedia streams with unparalleled efficiency. By leveraging modern technologies and adopting a modular architecture, PipeWire aims to address longstanding issues related to audio processing and device management in Linux distributions.

Fedora Linux, Ubuntu, and other mainstream distributions are already moved to PipeWire by default in the past few releases for more advantages over PulseAudio.

Firstly, users can expect smoother audio playback, reduced latency, and enhanced support for a wide range of audio devices, including Bluetooth headphones and USB sound cards. Additionally, Pipewire’s advanced features pave the way for seamless integration with modern applications and services, ensuring a hassle-free multimedia experience across the board.

In addition to PipeWire, the Linux Mint 22 will also introduce a few other improvements. A few such improvements caters to improved localization, Deb822 support in software sources, and an update to Pix image viewer to support JPEG XL (JXL) format of image files.

On the kernel front, Linux Mint 22 will align with Ubuntu’s kernel series, ensuring compatibility with the latest hardware and incorporating critical stability updates for optimal system performance.

While announcing the code name “Wilma” of this future release, the Linux Mint team also hinted that an experimental Wayland session is also in the works among other changes.

In summary, Linux Mint 22 shaping up to be an important milestone release in terms of modern tech adoption for the Linux Mint users. As of now, there is no planned release date since it is under heavy development.

Via Linux Mint blog

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