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Linux Mint 22 Code Name Revealed: Meet “Wilma”

Learn about the upcoming Linux Mint 22 release, code name and more updates from the source.

Linux Mint has been a steadfast choice for users seeking a user-friendly and reliable operating system. The anticipation for the next release has been building, and the veil has finally been lifted. The upcoming Linux Mint 22 will go by the codename “Wilma”.

A standout feature teased for its Cinnamon edition in “Wilma” is the Nemo Actions Organizer. This tool allows users to efficiently organize Nemo actions in menus and submenus, supporting nested submenus, menu icons, separators, and drag-and-drop functionality. Users will also have the ability to rename actions and override their icons, providing a customizable and user-centric file management experience.

Nemo action organizer

Alongside the codename, the team also gave us updates since the last point release, Linux Mint 21.3 “Virginia”. Within a few days of the release, the team opened up the upgrade path to 21.3, which is well received. A few bug fixes also arrived in the upgrade process related to the handling of orphan/foreign packages.

Bug fixes have also been diligently addressed. Some of the notable issues that have been resolved include the mintstick’s ability to handle space characters in file paths and addressing a Cinnamon screensaver glitch in HiDPI mode. These fixes demonstrate the Mint team’s commitment to providing a polished and reliable user experience.

Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia

Linux Mint 21.3 introduced an experimental Wayland session. After the release, users reported that the experimental support for Wayland could potentially affect Xorg sessions, triggering specific issues. The Mint team recommends a reboot when switching from Wayland to Xorg to ensure a stable transition.

So, use the Wayland session with caution & report all the bugs/issues in GitHub.

Moreover, the EDGE ISO for Linux Mint 21.3, featuring a 6.5 kernel, has been released. This ISO addresses regressions, including support for loopback.cfg and fixing issues with the /EFI/boot/bootx64.efi file. Notably, Rufus 4.4 has added a workaround to ensure compatibility with LMDE 6 and Linux Mint 21.3, expanding the range of supported tools for users.

All the cutting-edge features introduced in Linux Mint 21.3 have been backported to LMDE 6, ensuring users of this edition can also benefit from the latest enhancements.

As the development progresses, we can expect many more exciting and user-centric features in the upcoming release. So, stay tuned for further updates.

Via the Linux Mint blog

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