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Linux Lite 6.4 Released with Updated Ubuntu LTS Base, Under the hood updates

The Linux Lite team announced the fourth point release Linux Lite 6.4, with improved packaging and updates.

Linux Lite 6.4 has been officially released, bringing with it a number of exciting changes and additions to the popular operating system. This latest release builds upon the foundation laid by 6.2, with new features that will benefit users with a wide range of machines.

Linux Lite 6.4 Desktop

Linux Lite 6.4: What’s New

One significant change in Linux Lite 6.4 is using ZSTD compression for many in-house applications. This compression method results in faster decompression speeds and higher compression rates, making updates much quicker to install. For example, the Lite Themes package has been reduced from 91.2 MB to 76.8 MB, which is great news for those with slower machines.

Another welcome addition is the Systemd report, now included in the Lite System Report. This report will be beneficial for diagnosing booting issues and other general system inquiries, making it easier for the support team on the forums to assist users with their problems.

You can now view a summary of Systemd services and more

Thunderbird, the popular email client, has also received a fresh look in Linux Lite 6.4 with version 102.9. The redesign includes updated icons, a new address book, and customization options for message headers. Thunderbird also features an import/export wizard and Matrix chat support.

Other changes in this release include the addition of the latest Papirus icon theme, new wallpapers, and updated versions of popular software such as Chrome and LibreOffice. The hardware database has also grown significantly, with over 80,000 submissions now included.

Linux Lite is based on the Ubuntu LTS release. The Linux Lite 6.x series follows Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and this version is rebased on the latest Ubuntu 22.04.2 release with mainline Kernel 5.15.


All the underlying packages and applications are bumped up to their respective versions as summarised in the below list:

Download and update

If you are using Linux Lite’s earlier versions, you can simply select “Install updates” from the menu; Or run the following command from the terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

And for fresh installation, you can grab the ISO files from the below page.

Overall, Linux Lite 6.4 is an impressive update that offers a range of improvements and new features for users to enjoy. Whether you’re running an older or a newer machine, there’s something in this release for everyone.

Via official release notes

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