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Lightweight Distro LegacyOS 2023 Released After Nine Years

Legacy OS 2023 is released after almost a decade and brings a new Debian base and apps.

Legacy OS 2023 Desktop

The last release of Legacy OS was in 2014 and was based on Puppy Linux. It was intended to be a general-purpose lightweight distribution based on Puppy Linux with a complete set of applications, packages, media codecs, etc. The aim was to provide a complete operating system for older computers. However, the distro stopped releasing after 2014. Until now.

Legacy OS 2023 Release

The antiX-based new Legacy OS 2023 release has a fundamental change. It is now based on the Debian stable branch (version 11 “bullseye”) rather than Puppy Linux. Hence you can expect a much more stable system with its default window manager offering Ice WM. Those who used IceWM know how lightning-fast it can be. This release is no exception.

Along with IceWM, Legacy OS pre-loads a massive set of applications by default. The default file manager is PCManFM and also includes the ROX file manager. In addition, all the antiX native apps are preloaded, which includes antiX updater and user manager. Software manager Synaptic has been included, whereas an additional CLI package manager is also there.

The graphics stack includes GIMP and Inkscape for advanced drawing work. Also, MyPaint, mtPaint, Peek screen recorder, screenshot and ImageMagick library are installed by default.

If you are considering office suite, Legacy OS pre-loads OnlyOffice suite, Scribus publisher and Dia diagram editor.

The application list is huge

Internet stack includes Firefox ESR web browser, Thunderbird email client, gFTP client, Transmission torrent client and NetSurf web browser.

You have Geany and VIM code editor installed by default if you are a developer. Furthermore, the powerful note-taking app Cherrytree, essential notepad apps Leafpad and whiteboard app Xournal are some of the leading apps, which makes it an all-rounder, lightweight distribution.

These are just the key applications; there are almost 100+ applications pre-loaded. And it takes only 7 GB of disk space.

The performance of this distribution is truly lightweight because its systemd-free and uses IceWM. It uses only 200 MB of RAM at idle, which surprised me. And overall, desktop performance is lightning-fast.

Performance is surprisingly good

It uses the Calamares installer and is perfect for older versions. However, it’s now only available as a 64-bit version, but the team is working on a 32-bit variant which will soon be released.

I think it’s an excellent distribution to try out, and we are glad that it’s back. The team promises that there will be regular releases in the future.

You can download the ISO image file from the below link. Remember, the LIVE media default user id is “demo”, and the password is also “demo”.

Via official announcement

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