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Krita’s Artistic Canvas Expands: Now Available on macOS

After months of hard-fought battles with the intricate intricacies of the macOS sandbox system and the rigorous Apple review process, the highly acclaimed Krita drawing application is now officially available on the macOS App Store. This is a major milestone for the Krita team, and it opens up a world of creative possibilities for Mac users.


Krita Makes Its Debut on the macOS App Store

In a recent development, the Krita team has successfully navigated the challenging landscape of the macOS ecosystem and brought their renowned drawing application to Mac users via the App Store. This means that macOS users can now enjoy the power and versatility of Krita right on their Mac computers. It’s worth noting that this release is specifically for macOS, not iPadOS, and can be found on the App Store.

For those eager to get their hands on Krita, a word of caution: when you search for “Krita” in the App Store, you might need to scroll down a bit. This is because several other art applications have also used the Krita keyword to boost their visibility in the store, and they’ve been around longer.

Krita on macOS App Store; Image credit: Krita team

A Change in Pricing

One of the noteworthy changes accompanying Krita’s arrival on the macOS App Store is a shift in pricing. For some time, Krita has been available in various app stores like Steam, the Windows Store, the Epic Store, and Google Play, each with a price tag attached. While you can always download Krita for free from or tinker with the source code to build it yourself, Krita in these app stores comes with a price.

Earlier this year, due to the challenges posed by inflation, the Krita team increased the price of Krita in stores to $14.99. This price adjustment initially helped support Krita’s development, but the team recognizes that inflation has been affecting everyone’s spending power.

As a result, they have decided to reduce the price of Krita to $9.99, effective over the next week. Please note that each app store has its own approval procedures, so the price reduction may vary in timing across different platforms.

However, it’s essential to mention that on the macOS App Store, Krita is priced at $14.99, primarily due to Apple’s regulations and control over pricing in their App Store.

Closing Notes

For all the Mac users out there who have been eager to explore the world of vector drawing with the incredible Krita application, head over to the macOS App Store and download Krita to unleash your creativity.

Not only will you get access to a powerful drawing tool, but your usage will also contribute to Krita’s continued development. As Krita’s user base grows, the application becomes more feature-rich and accessible to all users.

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