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Kdenlive 22.08 Scores Sizable Update with Subtitle Styling, Audio Recording

Kdenlive 22.08 arrives with the most requested features in this release.

Kdenlive is one of the full-featured free and open-source video editors. It’s a KDE app that you can use for your hobby and professional work alongside videos for YouTube, Vimeo and other popular streaming platforms.

The Kdenlive 22.08 point release brings some of the most anticipated features with performance improvements and bug fixes.

Kdenlive 22.08 Features

The first important feature is the font effects and styling in the subtitle. With the new subtitle editor window, you can now change font, size, colour, outline colour, shadow, custom position and transparency. A much-needed addition to the list of features.

Secondly, Kdenlive can easily record audio with the revamped audio recording interface. When you click the recording button, it activates the audio track and sets up associated settings for audio recording mode. You can also use the keyboard’s spacebar button to pause or start the recording. So easy!

Did I mention that the audio recording also gives you a timer, waveform editing and input controls? Yes, these are also in.

Audio Recording in Kdenlive 22.08
Audio Recording in Kdenlive 22.08 | image credit: Kdenlive team

Third, finally, Kdenlive introduces support for Glaxnimate vector graphics animation and support for rawr (Glaxnimate) and Lottie animation file formats. Glaxnimate is a free and open-source animation program which has a vast set of features.

Another noteworthy feature which I personally like is the automatic video chapter generation with timestamps based on the timeline guides. So, if you are now aware, Kdenlive provides colourful guides or bookmarks in the timeline to easily identify sections of your video.

Guides export as chapters
Guides export as chapters | Image credit: KDenlive team

With this new feature, Kdenlive converts these to the chapter time stamps, which you can copy-paste to Video descriptions – such as on YouTube. This is such a nice feature.

What else? Well, there are more!

A handfull of new effects arrives in this release. Here’s a list.

  • Shear
  • Scroll
  • Photosensitivity
  • Monochrome
  • Median
  • Kirsch
  • Exposure
  • EPX Scaler
  • Colour Temperature
  • Colour Overlay
  • Color Correct
  • Colour Contrast
  • Chroma Noise Reduction
  • Contrast Adaptive Sharpen
  • Bilateral and VR360 Equirectangular to Stereo

Finally, some UI changes, import support of .vtt (Web Video Text Tracks) and .sbv (YouTube) subtitle files, several bug fixes and minor performance improvements are just add on to this Kdenlive 22.08 release.

You can grab the latest version via Flathub from this page after setting up your system for Flatpak. Other installation options, such as PPA and AppImage links, are available here.

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