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KaOS 2023.04 Released with Experimental Plasma 6 ISO, Mastodon Client

KaOS 2023.04 released with experimental Plasma 6 ISO and new system components. Find out what’s new.

KaOS 2023.04 - Default Install
KaOS 2023.04 – Default Install

KaOS, the independent rolling distribution built from scratch, has released its latest version, KaOS 2023.04, with a new experimental Plasma 6 ISO. This release features many updated components of the system, including KDE Gear (22.12.2) and Frameworks (5.105.0), all built on Qt 5.15.9+.

KaOS 2023.04 features new applications such as Tokodon, which brings the Mastodon federated social media platform to your fingertips, and Signal Desktop, a privacy-focused messenger application. Due to the growing popularity of Mastodon, Tokodon is a nice addition to this distro.

The new Kjournald option lets users view logs from a GUI with various filter options in the left-hand pane, which is now a part of the default install. Among the changes included in KDE Gear 23.04 are the option to run Dolphin with kio-admin, a total redesign of the user interface for Spectacle, and nested timelines support in Kdenlive.

Few major updates in this release includes OpenSSL 3.0.8, CLang/LLVM 16.0.1, Libtiff 4.5.0, Sqlite 3.41.2, Linux kernel 6.2.11, Systemd 253.3, Python 3.10.11, Dracut 059, ZFS 2.1.10, Gnupg 2.4.0, and Libarchive 3.6.2.

The inclusion of Qt 6.5.0 has brought many improvements, including porting from Qt5 and test applications built on qt6-webengine, such as web browsers. The latest applications that are now using Qt6 are OBS-studio and Qbittorrent. Additionally, Kvantum theming has support for Qt6.

This release also includes a new feature that allows users to verify the integrity of the written USB flash drive compared to the downloaded ISO file. Users can do this in Dolphin by right-clicking on the ISO file, selecting Actions, and then Verify ISO Write.

KaOS 2023.04 also includes LibreOffice as the default office application instead of Calligra, thanks to its complete Qt5/Kf5 support.

A new welcome app, Croeso, helps with configuring a new install, including 15 commonly used settings, a custom wallpaper selector, distribution info, and the option to select packages to install from six different groups. It is written in QML and fits well with the Welcome application used in the Live system, which includes an installation guide.

Croeso Welcome App
Croeso Welcome App

The new experimental Plasma 6 ISO in KaOS 2023.04 is an exciting opportunity for those who want to try out the latest Plasma desktop environment. KDE Plasma 6 is now under development and not yet stable. However, KaOS made it available for the first time for all to try. The Plasma 6 ISO is not installable. And it can only work as a live medium.

So, that’s about the summary of this release. You may visit the official announcement page for details.

Finally, you can download KaOS ISO using the following page.

Experimental Plasma 6 ISO is present here.

If you run an earlier version of KaOS 2023.02, you can open Konsole and run the following command to upgrade to this new version.

sudo pacman -Syu

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