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Kali Linux 2022.3 Release Brings First Ever Discord Channel + Test Lab

We round up the Kali Linux 2022.3 release, which introduces the Discord channel, Test Lab and other features.

Kali Linux 2022.03 Release Xfce Desktop
Kali Linux 2022.03 Release Xfce Desktop

Kali Linux 2022.3

The Debian-based security and penetration testing Linux Distribution Kali Linux released its Q3 instalment amid Hacker Summer Camp 2022, which is currently ongoing.

A couple of attractive new items that grace this release among the usual package and module updates. First of all, a new Discord Channel is introduced by the Kali creators. It enables the users and professionals to engage in conversations associated to Kali and other projects. A real-time collaboration tool is going to help the community and the user base as a whole.

Moreover, the team also vows that after every release, there will be an hour long chitchat in the Discord Channel. The discussion should cater to the project’s direction, release changes and other interesting topics. Many professionals and new users are expected to join in those exciting conversations.

The second exciting component is introducing a homegrown Test Bed/Lab. The Test Lab allows you to try out and understand various security tools. In addition, using Test Lab, you can see the outputs of various tools before applying them for security or pen testing.

To start with, Kali Linux added the Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) and Juice Shop in Test Lab. It makes it easier for you to build the test lab.

Since there are many tools for testing, the Kali Linux team says the list will improve in future releases with extra programs.

Thirdly, the Virtual Box images of Kali Linux change from this release. Kali now provides the native VirtualBox images with .vbox format, which helps you with better compression and accessibility.

In addition to that, weekly builds of VM images of Kali Linux from the rolling branch should be available from now onwards. So, you do not need to wait for quarterly releases for the latest packages.

If you want to go deep and make your custom VM images, the scripts are available in GitLab for you to unleash your projects.

That wraps up the essential changes in the Kali Linux 2022.3 release for Q3 2022.


Kali Linux is available for various platforms, and you can get it from the below link. If you are running Kali already, simply update your system to get this version.

To learn more about this release, you can refer to the release notes below.

Via release announcement.

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