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GNOME 42.1 Released with Huge Set of Bug Fixes

GNOME 42.1, the first point release of the GNOME 42 series, lands with a vast set of bug fixes and performance improvements.


GNOME 42.1 Release

Releasing a little over a month since the big GNOME 42 release, this first point release brings mostly bug fixes and some minor tweaks across the shell applications of this desktop.

Firstly, the GNOME Calendar application improves its date chooser component. Also, the GNOME Music now works well with the shuffle function and better handling of RTL (right to the left) languages. Other than that, the GNOME COnnections get some remarkable improvements. Some of the better control are resizing and maximising the view of the remote desktop and handling multiple connections.

Second, the Nautilus file manager is updated in this release with preload of external files in list view, better RTL language support, and high contrast style.

In addition to the above changes, the GNOME Control Center (Settings) brings some fixes for monitor labels, various improvements in the Display section and better handling of VPN in the network. Also, this release brings changes to Online Accounts and Wacom panels.

Moreover, the GNOME Logs begin optional dark mode user preferences, rounded corners, journal file support, and many other changes.

Finally, many other “under the hood” changes, including translation, and minor bug fixes, make it a more stable release. You can read the changelog present here for more minute details.

Other Details

Of course, if you are planning to upgrade, wait until Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or Arch Linux brings this version via their respective stable channels.

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