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FreeBSD 13.1-RC1 is Now Available for Download and Testing

The team announced the immediate availability of FreeBSD 13.1 RC1 as a download image. Here’s what changed since the beta.

Glen Barbar from the FreeBSD team announced the first release candidate of FreeBSD 13.1 since the Beta3. Several bug fixes and enhancements are made to this release candidate as we are moving towards the final release.

The FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system available for all architectures such as the i386, amd64, IA-64, arm, MIPS, PowerPC, ppc64, PC-98 platforms. FreeBSD is primarily used in critical businesses such as internet service providers, researchers, computer scientists, students, and home users.

FreeBSD comes with pre-compiled binaries packaged for easy installations catering to browsers, desktop apps, games, etc.

FreeBSD with Xfce Desktop

FreeBSD 13.1 RC1

The release of FreeBSD 13.1 RC1 brings changes, including handling of interrupts racing with device suspend with the hdac driver, fixes to vfs and LLVM, and several network and ABI related patches and application updates.

A quick summary of the changes (since last beta) is present below (excerpts from the official announcement) :

If you are curious about the entire changelog of the series, you can find it here. That said, the download images for virtual machines are presented below. You can use these images and go for a quick spin on your favourite virtual machine.

If you need the Amazon EC2 AMI Images you can find them with additional instructions on the official announcement page with checksums.

The FreeBSD 13.1 is planned for release on April 26, 2022. But before that, two more release candidates should come out from the team.

More download links directly to the ISO files.

Via official announcement.

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