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Flathub Surpasses One Million Active Users Milestone

Flathub emerges as Linux’s preferred app store with a one million active users milestone.

In a milestone achievement, Flathub, the go-to marketplace for distributing Flatpak packages, proudly announced its user base surge, now boasting over one million active users. The platform, known for its vendor-neutral approach, has become the preferred app store for Linux users and developers, marking a significant moment in open-source software distribution.

Flathub’s catalogue, featuring a diverse array of more than 2,400 applications, has solidified its position with over 850 verified apps. Verified status, indicating a seal of approval from the original authors, assures users of the authenticity and trustworthiness of the applications available on the platform. The platform has achieved a remarkable 1.6 billion package downloads, underlining its widespread adoption and relevance in the Linux ecosystem.

Flathub crosses 1 million active users

Rather than relying on user system metrics, the Flathub team analyzed statistics available exclusively on the Flathub infrastructure side. An approach was taken to estimate active users by examining installations of runtime sets, specifically the Freedesktop SDK, providing a secure environment for running applications in isolation.

One of the driving factors behind Flathub’s impressive growth has been its commitment to providing popular and trusted applications. Since its inception, renowned apps such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Discord, VLC, Spotify, Telegram, Microsoft Edge, Steam, OBS Studio, Zoom, and Thunderbird have found a home on Flathub. This influx of popular apps has enhanced the user experience and made Flathub an enticing prospect for those transitioning to a Linux desktop.

Screenshot of the Flathub app store

The concept of verified apps has played a vital role in bolstering user confidence. With an increasing number of apps choosing to undergo verification, users can be assured that their favourite applications are sourced directly from the developers. This trust-building exercise has contributed significantly to the growing acceptance of Flathub among Linux users.

Flathub’s inclusion as the default app source for the Steam Deck’s desktop mode has been a critical pivotal point. The Steam Deck, selling “multiple millions” of devices, has positively impacted Flathub’s usage, especially in categories like retro game emulators, game compatibility tools, and gaming-oriented chat services. This collaboration has broadened the platform’s user base and enriched the ecosystem with diverse and specialized applications.

The adoption of Flathub by Linux distributions further cements its position as the preferred app store. Clear Linux, Endless OS, KDE Neon, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, and Zorin OS now come pre-packaged with Flathub. Notably, with Fedora 38 onwards, Flathub is entirely available when enabling third-party software sources, emphasizing its grassroots adoption across the Linux desktop ecosystem.

What sets Flathub apart is not just its repository of popular applications but its appeal to indie, open-source developers. The platform has become the go-to app store for many developers submitting their creations, from the 50+ GNOME Circle apps to innovative offerings like Endless Key, Librum, Lightwave Explorer, Live Captions, and Planify.

Looking ahead, the team is committed to the roadmap outlined in 2023, focusing on introducing payments and a new organizational structure for Flathub.

Users can expect an even more robust and user-friendly experience as the platform evolves in the coming months. Flathub’s journey from a niche platform to a preferred choice for many users and developers is a significant achievement. At the same time, Canonical is “pushing” Snap ruthlessly to its user base; it will be exciting times in the coming days.

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