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Firewalld 2.1 Released with Improved Network Security

Firewalld, the service daemon with the D-Bus interface, released the latest minor version 2.1, with improvements.

Firewalld, for those unfamiliar, acts as a dynamic module for your system’s packet filters (think nftables and iptables), letting you adjust firewall rules on the fly, without the cumbersome need for restarts or service disruptions. It’s like having a security Swiss Army Knife at your disposal, always ready to adapt and protect.

This release brings some minor updates, making it easier than ever to tailor your firewall configuration to your specific needs.

So, what’s new in this 2.1 update?

Firewalld 2.1

These are just some of the highlights in this minor release. Under the hood, there are a few bug fixes and performance improvements, making Firewalld 2.1 a reliable and efficient shield for your Linux box.

Ready to upgrade?

Head over to the official Firewalld website for detailed instructions and download links.

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