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Firefox Integrates Wayland Fractional Scaling for Linux Users

Firefox now supports Wayland fractional scaling, making your web content sharper and more vivid at fractional scales.

In brief

Fractional scaling in Firefox with Wayland

In an exciting development, Mozilla Firefox is stepping up its game by integrating Wayland fractional-scale-v1 protocol support. This addition empowers the popular web browser to seamlessly handle fractional scaling on the Linux desktop, ushering in a new era of enhanced image quality and sharper visuals.

The fractional-scale-v1 protocol, nestled within the Wayland ecosystem, transforms how surfaces are rendered at non-integer scales. Imagine a world where scaling at factors like 1.5 or 2.5 no longer results in blurred edges or fuzzy images. This protocol swoops in to solve that conundrum, enhancing surfaces’ image quality when presented at unconventional scales.

The benefits of this protocol are truly game-changing for Linux users who demand precision in their visual experience:

  1. Enhanced Image Quality: Bid farewell to pixelated or blurred visuals. This protocol lends its magic to surfaces, making them appear as crisp and detailed as ever, even when not scaled at integer factors.
  2. Blur Reduction: Scaling that isn’t an integer often introduces blurriness. With the fractional-scale-v1 protocol, Firefox is taking a stand against this annoyance, ensuring that surfaces retain their sharpness.
  3. Sharper Text and Objects: Small text and intricate details can now be showcased with stunning clarity. The protocol allows these elements to retain their sharp edges, enhancing legibility and visual appeal.


As of now, this Wayland fractional scaling support is tucked away, awaiting your command to activate it. Interested users can enable it by setting the “widget.wayland.fractional-scale.enabled” preference. Visit "about:config" and change its value to true. Then restart Firefox to enjoy this change.

This change is available in Firefox 118 nightly as of publishing this story. Download the nightly version from this page.

Fractional scaling for Wayland in Firefox 118 nightly

While cautious optimism is recommended due to the protocol’s relatively new status, the promise of crisper visuals and improved image quality has us eagerly looking ahead to a future where fractional scaling becomes a standard feature.

Closing Notes

In a world where every pixel counts, Firefox’s Wayland fractional-scale-v1 support is a resounding victory for Linux desktops seeking a higher visual fidelity. Probably it’s the year of the Linux desktop finally. Who knows?

The change is expected to land in the upcoming Firefox 118 or later releases.

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