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Firefox 100 is now Available for Download. This is What’s New

Firefox 100 is now ready to download, the official release is on May 3, 2022.

Firefox 100 Release
Firefox 100 Release

The 100th milestone of Firefox a.k.a Firefox 100 lands finally, thanks to its monthly release iteration with quality improving every day.

Firefox 100 – What’s New

The main release attraction is the GTK Overlay Scrollbars which I think you are already aware of if you are a Linux user. The change brings light and thin scrollbar when you browse the web instead of thinking and ugly ones. That’s not all, the scrollbar now disappears when it loses focus and appears again with mouseover.

Moreover, this feature was already added in prior Firefox 99, however it was hidden. And now it is available via Settings > General and the option “Always show scrollbars”.

Firefox 100 GTK Overlay Scrollbar effect demo
Firefox 100 GTK Overlay Scrollbar effect demo

If you are a Windows user, you still get the above scrollbar effect, with hardware-accelerated AV1 video on support on Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs with Firefox 100 release.

Other than that, Firefox 100 brings captions and subtitles in the “picture-in-picture” (PIP) window for selected streaming sites which would benefit users. The PIP windows are small video boxes which continue to play at the bottom right of your screen while you browse the web.

Furthermore, a new website appearance section in the settings gives you the option to default dark mode for supported websites. The new website appearance option brings Firefox, System settings, light or dark option.

Also improved in this release, is the built-in spellchecker which now handles multiple languages other than popular English which would definitely help users.

But that’s not all. A series of bug fixes on window behaviour, Wayland related fixes, and bookmark module improvements are some of the important ones which you can find in the release note here.


Last but not the least, Mozilla warns that some websites may not work correctly with the three-digit version number “100”. Because the version number parsing code of respective websites may break if poorly designed to parse the 100 instead of two digits.

Also released, are Firefox 91.9.0 ESR and Firefox 100 for Android alongside desktop. All these should be available via a stable update channel soon.

If you are Firefox Snap or Flatpak user, you should get it automatically as soon as it is released. With that said, you can download Firefox 100 from the official SERVER as a zip file which you can download and experience.

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