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Introducing Fedora Onyx: Immutable Variant with Budgie Desktop

A new proposal has been submitted for Fedora Onyx – an immutable variant with Budgie Desktop that expands the range of options for Fedora desktop with Budgie desktop.

Fedora has announced the introduction of a new immutable variant of Fedora Linux called Fedora Onyx, featuring the popular Budgie Desktop environment. Built with the same robust technologies as other Fedora immutable variants such as Kinoite, and Silverblue, Fedora Onyx is designed for users who value the Fedora computing platform and Budgie Desktop environment but need the added immutability and atomic capabilities that rpm-ostree provides.

Fedora Budgie Desktop Official Spin

Fedora Onyx is expected to provide an attractive on-ramp for potential users to the Fedora platform, as well as a desired experience for current Fedora Budgie Spin users who wish to experiment with rpm-ostree or other tooling that pairs well with the immutable experience.

The creation of an official Fedora immutable variant with a Budgie Desktop environment complements the existing offerings of Fedora Budgie Spin. It expands the range of immutable offerings available to users.

On a similar note, in Fedora 38, the official Budgie desktop spin is introduced. With that in mind, the existing Fedora Budgie users can expect no changes to their user experience. Users of Fedora Onyx will receive a similar user experience to Fedora Budgie Spin, but with a smaller package set that encourages users to more heavily leverage flatpak to curate their desired experience.

Although there is no official release date yet, Fedora Onyx is expected to be available by the end of this year with Fedora 39, considering the proposal is accepted. “Joshua Strobl” is heading the proposal and is the lead developer of Buddies of Bugie. In a conversation with Joshua in Mastodon, he informed DebugPoint of the following:

For example, workstation-ostree-config PR has already been merged so test builds can be done.

Assuming no hiccups around approval, this will all land long before F39 change proposal submission deadlines in two months, not to mention the completion in three.


Remember, this proposal will only be implemented if the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee approves (FESCo).

In summary, the introduction of Fedora Onyx as an immutable variant with the Budgie Desktop environment represents a significant expansion of the range of options available to Fedora users. With the added immutability and atomic capabilities that rpm-ostree provides, Fedora Onyx is poised to be a great addition to the Fedora platform and expanding Budgie desktop adaptability.

For more information, visit the change proposal page.

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