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/e/OS 1.17 Released with Enhanced Privacy and Functionality

A fresh new release of the open-source mobile operating system e/OS 1.17 is now available to download and experience via available phones.

A noteworthy aspect of /e/OS is the support for many smartphones, including specialized editions under the Murena One, Murena Fairphone 3+/4, and Murena Teracube 2e brands. These editions come with pre-installed /e/OS firmware, offering users a seamless, privacy-focused alternative.

With a foundation rooted in LineageOS developments, this mobile OS liberates itself from the shackles of Google services and infrastructure. The result is a user-centric experience, allowing compatibility with Android applications while ensuring a robust shield against unwanted telemetry transfer to Google servers.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

e/OS 1.17: What’s new

Improved privacy

The firmware comes fortified with microG, enabling users to interact with Google services without compromising on privacy. This pre-installed package sidesteps proprietary components, providing independent alternatives for various Google services. For instance, it employs Mozilla Location Service for location determination, a fork of the Searx engine for metasearch, and NTP Pool Project for time synchronization.

The default web browser not only blocks ads and scripts by default but also integrates seamlessly with the platform’s own file and data synchronization service, developed to work with NextCloud-based infrastructure. This emphasis on user control extends to the development of server components, which are open source and available for installation on user-controlled systems.

User interface overhaul

One of the notable features of /e/OS 1.17 is its revamped user interface. BlissLauncher introduces a new environment for launching applications, an improved notification system, a fresh lock screen, and a distinct visual style. Icons and widgets specially crafted for the project add to the aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced functionality and bug fixes

The update has many improvements and fixes, including an updated microG package leveraging a Stadia API-based location backend, an improved web browser with enhanced bookmark management, and a resolution to SMS-related issues. Notably, the App Lounge now correctly opens links on F-Droid, and various design enhancements have been implemented.

eOS in Fairphone
eOS in Fairphone

Additional key updates in /e/OS 1.17

  • On-screen keyboard color scheme aligned with Android 13.
  • Updated microG package with a Stadia API-based location backend.
  • Web browser improvements, including better bookmark management.
  • Resolved SMS-related issues.
  • Enhanced OTA update compatibility, Android 13 settings access, and bug fixes.

Closing notes

As user concerns about data privacy continue to grow, platforms like /e/OS offer a compelling alternative, ensuring users can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology without compromising their personal information.

You can buy a Murena smartphone with e/OS out of the box from this page.

Additionally, if you have any spare Samsung, Pixel or OnePlus, you can download and install e/OS with an easy installer. A supported device list and installation guide are available here.

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