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EndeavourOS Artemis Released with Better ARM Support and Updates

The EndeavourOS team brings the June 22.06 release (“Artemis”) with much-better ARM support, the latest Kernel and more. We round up the release in this post.

EndeavourOS Artemis 22.06 Desktop (Xfce)
EndeavourOS Artemis 22.06 Desktop (Xfce)

EndeavourOS Artemis Release: 22.06

The EndeavourOS Artemis release (22.06) is named after NASA’s upcoming moon mission “Artemis”, bringing regular Arch Linux updates to this fantastic Linux distribution.

ARM Updates

The ARM version of EndeavourOS was first released in 2020 as the team’s long-term goal. The goal is to provide a stable ARM variant of Arch Linux distribution to the users with “friendliness” and “functionality” in mind. First and foremost, the ARM ISO is said to be “closer to the main release” in 22.06.

The significant change in this monthly refresh is the Calamares installer introduction in the ARM installation process. In addition, the ARM installation shortcut is placed in its iconic Welcome application.

EndeavourOS Artemis brings better accessibility for ARM
EndeavourOS Artemis brings better accessibility for ARM

However, the Calamares installer in ARM is still in the BETA stage. That means you may need caution before installing the currently supported devices: Odroid N2/N2+ and the Raspberry Pi.

In addition, the desktop environments and packages in ARM installation are more fine-tuned to sync to the upstream. Hence, you get the latest and greatest software on your Raspberry Pi devices.

Other Changes

Besides the above changes, the EndeavourOS 22.06 release brings the Linux Kernel 5.18.5. The Linux Kernel 5.19 is not yet released as of writing this post. Hence you may get it in the next ISO refresh of this great distro.

Other noteworthy changes in this release include the pipewire-media-session being replaced by the wireplumber and Xfce offline installation getting code-cleanup. Also, the famous Budgie control centre is now available in the Budgie flavour of this distro for a stock-Budgie experience.

To summarize, here’s the recap of this release:

  • ARM ISO is more similar to the main release
  • Calamares installer available in ARM install
  • Linux Kernel 5.18.5
  • Xfce 4.16 Edition (flagship) with installer code cleanup
  • Budgie Control Center is now in EndeavourOS repo
  • Better control to avoid keyring sync issues before online installation
  • Support added for downgrading packages – eos-downgrade
  • Firefox 101.x

Quick Review

We tested this distro in a virtual machine environment. The offline Xfce install download size is 1.8 GB, and it went fine. The mirrors are super fast.

Firstly, the LIVE desktop allows you to kick-start the installation – Offline and Online. The Offline installation installs the Xfce desktop environment. Moreover, you can use the Online installation option to install other desktops and window managers if you have an internet connection.

Secondly, installation via the Calamares went super smooth. It makes the Arch Linux install super easy, despite the recently released “archinstall”. I must say, EndeavourOS is becoming the “Linux Mint” of the Arch Linux world.

After installation, the desktop welcomes you with its welcome app. If you are a new user, the Welcome App gives you a single point of entry to the various tasks of the desktop.

The performance is well optimized. This version uses 2% to 3% CPU and ~900 MB of RAM with an Xfce desktop at an idle state. This is a good metric.

EndeavourOS Artemis Performance
EndeavourOS Artemis Performance

Moreover, resource consumption may increase if you open more applications for your workflow.

Finally, the EndeavourOS Artemis Xfce edition uses 4.2 GB of disk space for a default install.


You can download the official release on this page, which contains mirrors and torrents.

Via the official release announcement.

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