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EndeavourOS Scores A Sizable Update with Cassini Neo Release

A new bug-fix release of EndeavourOS is here, bringing the latest Kernel and Arch-Linux updates.

EndeavourOS is a popular Arch Linux-based distribution which is easy to install and use. Since the last release in December, the team has worked on adopting new packages and Kernel updates from Arch repo and announced the release of Endeavour Cassini Neo.

EndeavourOS Cassini Neo - Xfce
EndeavourOS Cassini Neo – Xfce

EndeavourOS Cassini Neo Release: What’s New

The Kernel version is bumped to 6.1, the latest mainline version, bringing the latest support for hardware, CPU, GPU and other peripherals. The application stack is updated with the latest Firefox 109 release, Calamares 3.3.0, Mesa 22.3.4 and Xorg-server 21.1.7.

In addition to the above, a few major bug fixes arrived in this version. Calamares fixes a crash when no boot-loader type is chosen (introduced on the last release). Also, a small improvement to encrypt partition when using the “replace partition” option.

Hardware detection has been added to prevent the installation of the partially broken xf86-video-intel package on the 12th gen. Intel CPUs and ARC GPUs, which caused the ISO/installed systems not to boot. Previous gen. Intel machines will receive the Intel video package for improved performance

Since the release of the ARM variant of EndeavourOS, a lot of work went into incorporating user feedback. Based on those, EndeavourOS ARM installation offers three ways you can use it on your ARM board. They are:

  • Method one – Use the EndeavourOS x86_64 Live ISO to install an image.
  • Method two – Download a script and use it to install an image.
  • Method three – Download an image to be installed with dd or RPI imager.

All of these options are available for Raspberry Pi 4, Odroid N2 and Pinebook Pro ARM SoC.

Download and upgrade

If you are running EndeavourOS, simply run the following command to get all of these; Or, run the system updater from the Welcome app.

sudo pacman -Syu

Also, fresh download ISOs are available on the below page.

Via official announcement

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