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Docker Desktop as Flatpak Likely to Arrive Soon

Docker desktop as Flatpak and Snap may arrive soon for your Linux distributions.

The Docker team is planning for Flatpak and Snap packaging of the Docker desktop via the Flathub and Snap stores in Q1 2024. This potential move could be a game-changer for Docker Desktop on Linux, smoothing the installation process and potentially streamlining Docker’s support efforts.

Installing Docker Desktop on Linux can be a bumpy ride for those unfamiliar with the current landscape, especially for novice users. Adding repositories, manually installing dependencies, and the ever-present risk of mid-installation errors can turn the process into a frustrating experience.

Installing Docker in Linux is a complex process with commands

This is where Flathub and Snap Store come in, offering one-click installs and sandboxing that isolate Docker from the rest of your system, aligning perfectly with Docker’s core philosophy of minimizing system intrusion.

From the end user’s perspective, this is a piece of welcome news. No more wrestling with commands or sweating through dependency nightmares. Just fire up Flathub or Snap Store, click “Install,” and you’re off to containerized seas in no time. This simplified journey could open Docker to a wider audience, including those who might have been previously intimidated by the installation process.

For internal developers at Docker, it’s a potential win-win. Flathub and Snap Store boast wide distro compatibility, meaning less time and resources spent tailoring Docker to the quirks of individual distributions. This could free up the team to focus on core development and innovation, ultimately benefiting everyone.

You can learn more and follow the progress in the Docker GitHub issue tracker.

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