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Debian Expands CPU Landscape with LoongArch ‘Loong64’ Support

Debian now embraces LoongArch ‘Loong64’ CPU architecture with an eye for official support on Debian 13.

In a significant stride towards expanding its CPU architecture portfolio, the Debian team has announced the inclusion of LoongArch “Loong64” as a new Debian Port. This exciting development follows closely on the heels of Debian’s endorsement of RISC-V as an official CPU architecture for its upcoming Debian 13 cycle.

The LoongArch CPU architecture, a brainchild of the Chinese vendor Loongson, has been making waves in the open-source community. Drawing inspiration from RISC-V and based on MIPS64, LoongArch has garnered attention due to its robust open-source efforts, integrating seamlessly into major compilers and receiving dedicated support within the Linux kernel and the wider open-source ecosystem.

Now, the Debian team has incorporated LoongArch into its Ports archive mirrors, marking a significant milestone for this emerging architecture. As the initial Debian LoongArch bootstrap comprising approximately 200 packages takes shape, ongoing work is directed towards achieving self-hosting capability. Once this pivotal point is reached, Debian’s plan involves initiating Debian package builds on real LoongArch CPU hardware, hosted by none other than Loongson.

For those eager to explore and contribute to the LoongArch porting endeavors, the packages are conveniently housed in the “pool-loong64” directory within the primary Debian Ports archive mirror. Keeping a pulse on the progress, you can stay updated with the current archive build status by visiting

The Debian team extends a warm invitation to developers interested in joining the LoongArch porting mission. If you’re excited to be a part of this transformative journey, connect with the Debian Ports team through the #debian-ports IRC channel on Libera. Your involvement could play a vital role in shaping the future of this promising CPU architecture.

This expansion of CPU architecture support underscores Debian’s commitment to embracing innovation and fostering a diverse ecosystem. With RISC-V and LoongArch both securing their spots in Debian’s portfolio, the Linux community can look forward to a future marked by increased versatility and possibilities in the realm of computing.

Via Debian mailing list

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